Very Minor Things That Annoyed Me About 2K20 MT (Just Curious If Others Noticed Them)

  1. At halftime the home team’s best player would always be displayed as having the same number of assists as points (Ex. It would display Bamba having 18 pts. 6 reb. 18 assists, even though he only had 2 assists)

  2. Your cards would always be displayed in My Lineups by tier in reverse alphabetical order by team name (Ex. All my Opals would be displayed Warriors thru 76ers).

But then why are the Wizards displayed in between the Bulls and Bucks? It almost seems like 2K thought they are still called the Bullets?


The camera lingering on the opposition after they scored on a play in which they were fouled in TTO. It would never shift back to your inbound play, sometimes causing you to turn it over. That sucked.


in game, when the current lineup is shown on the bottom of the screen, some opals have the 99 rating in the corner of their opal insignia. super annoying

Yeah that was worse then my minor ones because it could actually affect wins/losses.

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Takeover Pippen wears the wrong side elbow band than on the left as being showed in the card art


Graphic glitch on the shorts.


Luckily it was rare to turn it over. Once I knew it was coming, I’d just switch to a player I could see in frame and spam A until the inbound happened. Then the camera would reset.

When you challenged a call in offline if you win and it goes to a jump ball and you can’t see it cause of the camera angle. I might have been the only one with this issue because no one challenged calls


Does the 1% success rate on in-game jump balls count? I stopped even trying after losing something like 20 in a row even when I had the much taller player. I could win opening tips, but never in-game tips.


yeah both kareem and yao are trash at it


Not being able to have a 99 overall team rating.

It’s so minor but it bugs the shit out of me.


Totally with you on that one. I was new to 2K this year, so I kept thinking I was doing something wrong with my roster! First, I thought I’d get 99 overall just by having the majority Opals. Then I was sure I’d get it when my entire team was Opals.

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my goat lineup cant even get it lol

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Same! It’s super triggering, lol.

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last year full amethyst teams could basically get it

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Yeah, I was happy they changed it in that regard in terms of online since it made match-ups a bit more fair. But, like everything they “fix” they manage to fuck it up in some other way.


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Oh god there’s like hundreds of these nuisances

I switch man and zone defense a lot so a huge pain in the ass is defenses switching back on their own. Also when the opponent is inbounding it doesn’t let you change until the ball is passed, like there’s a solid 5 seconds before the inbound why can’t I switch then? Maybe its just me

Not being able to save settings


this too. wastes pauses and time

I never even win a tip off for some reason, even though I think I time it right.

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