Verizon Hotspot for multi-player myteam

Will the 4G lte be good enough to play myteam without much lag?


It works

So your phone’s hot spot is actually fast enough to allow you to play Myteam wow :open_mouth:

Weirdest flex ever


Can play my team off you phone

No he’s somehow using his phone’s hotspot to supply WiFi to his console. Then he uses that to play Myteam

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I did this for the last MyTeam I played (2K15) as I just moved out of home and had no internet connection. My prepaid plan came with unlimited data, so I used my phone for hotspot flatout over that time period. It ran close to perfect from memory, not sure how good the other guys connection would be though if i’m on a hotspot

I use mobile data LTE yes. HOTSPOT. Lags sometimes but not too much.

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What a time to be alive

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