VC Trick

Not sure if I’ll get in trouble for posting about this, if so mods can delete this. But is anyone on here using the MyCareer glitch? Just grinded out 60k VC in two hours Lol.

Haha I tried to do it yday but got bored and it made my PS4 pro overheat. I think I got like 7000 VC before I stopped

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link to the glitch?

Made 30k

Is it that Warriors-SF Glitch?

0 minutes sim and collect your salary glitch

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I keep on getting subbed in after like 3 games smh

Then delete player and restart

Anyone got a link ?

Youtube vc glitch its all over. Sorry cant acess yt rn

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This sort of thing is trmpting, but then I realize that if you convert the time spent to a wage that could be used to buy VC…I’d rather just buy VC. I get why many would do this for VC, but I’m just reminding others to do the real world calculus first.

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Yep i just do it while im doing homework. I rather be at work lol

I did when I was grinding for Finley in Unlimited so I didn’t have to spend MT on contracts.

Oh that makes sense. I guess I could do it while watching TV. But I’d rather play than watch TV.

This is more like a exploit rather than a glitch.

Got close to 25k but got bored and switched to my main character to grind for badges and cap breakers.