VC Service : PS4 & PC

----PS4 VC Service----

  • 200K VC=$27,2days
  • 300K VC=$40,3days
  • 400K VC=$50,4days
  • 200K is the the minimum purchase

----PC VC Service----

  • 1000K VC=$26,1day
  • 2000K VC=$50,1-2days
  • 3000K VC=$72,2-3days
  • 4000K VC=$90,3days
  • 1000K is the minimum purchase

----PC Services----

  • Myteam 12-0=$18
  • Triple Thread Offline 1000 wins=$30
  • Domination 1 Round=$15 ; All=$35
  • Spotlight 1 Series=$15
  • MyCareer all badges=$18,1day
  • MyCareer OVR60-90+all badges+300k VC=$35,1day
  • MyCareer OVR90-95+all badges+500k VC=$35,1day
  • MyCareer OVR85-95+all badges+500k VC=$40,1-2days
  • MyCareer OVR60-95+all badges+1000k VC=$50,2days


Payment Method : Paypal Friend and Family only


I’ve done so many 2K sales in my country over past few years.
You will need to give me access to your account to do it.
For delivery speed,do not login your account before completed.
I have to say there is no VC glitch.
I just use Cronus Max to farm VC.
And I am also seliing MT on reddit and 2KG.
Here is my rep:
NBA Rep on Reddit (Current 100+ Reviews)
NBA Rep on 2KG (Current 10+ Reviews)
DM me for more details

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TF should I buy VC for such prices and wait 2 days to get it? I could buy it immediately from the store for not that much higher price. Without sharing my account details with a stranger.


Man you are so rich

That’s 50 percent off?

Wtf 1000 wins for $30 Lmaoo how in the fuck are you gonna achieve that? Also I’m interested in the 200k vc how would that work?


Damnit boy, I guess with all these bans, new hustles were bound to emerge, Fuck Mike Tyson, we got that Vince Carter for sale now, this that new new shit

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Just got the record, this isn’t a knock on dude, he legit, I purchased from him last year

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Wow Eirc , how do you have time to do all this and sell all the mt you do. Amazing :+1:

Think the prices were higher before post was edited.

$27 for 2 days work (and i assume MANY hours of grinding coz 200k VC take a ton of time).

That’s borderline slavery, lol. Kudos to you.

Oh you think he gets that VC legitly? lol Botters man Botters.

Damn $30 for ttoffline done is legit

You said I am not legit just because you don’t know how to do it?

nah you are def legit bro, just not in the way they think you are. Kudos to you tho def a nice hustle


thats on pc not ps4 unfortunately

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You’re Botting man. That’s not getting VC legitly but cool none the less :sunglasses:. How many consoles do you have? I heard 400 :eyes: :astonished: amazing. You’re awesome like I said already and I meant it. :+1: How do you have time to do all this extra stuff though and sell mt too. That’s pretty crazy.

So transfering MT is not legit and you still doing it?
Come on don’t that jealous bro.

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A lot of these VC services on Twitter I see usually includes using a stolen credit card from Dark Web. Hopefully that’s not what youre promoting bro…

Sure it’s legit. I didn’t say you weren’t legit. You took what I said out of context and are not understanding.

I just said to the guy that the way you get VC is not legit. You cheat/hack to get it. Nothing wrong with that. Normally it would take a person months to get 200k VC but you can do it in 100x less the time because you don’t get it legitly. You use bots.

Haha Im not cheating or hacking.
Go google cronus max bro.
There are a lot of information.