VC Only Super Packs need to go

We literally have had them for what? 2 years or more now, 2K should not do something so shady like this. This is horrible business practice by them.

Do I understand it? Not at all.
I know we got some guys who will buy these but this is just fucking wrong bro.

Also by the way just a quick question: how many of y’all giving your money away to 2k for this awful pile of shit that we got today for packs?

Money makes the world go round and those greedy bastards happy.

Idc if I get banned on here for voicing my opinion or perhaps swearing in a thread bc ya know what? Who cares? Cuz now I don’t and would be happy with a fucking ban


I was looking forward to Fournier :frowning:

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2k when these packs drop


Accurate asf.

I’m in a really bad mood over this shit they really just pulled on us here.

This shit is gonna kill the game eventually, well I hope it does bc of the shady business practices they use with this game.


Lol you not gonna get banned for preaching to the choir my guy. Nobody likes the VC only super packs, as evidenced by the complete lack of a hit on the market when they come out.

2K seems to be onto this now so they are throwing the Fournier card in the exchange as a new pull to get people to actually rip these.


Not that I’m ever rushing to buy VC, but what ever happened to the 50% off sales they used to have? I dont recall on since 2k19.


if i was 2k all packs would be VC only , people are still gonna buy them regardless.

eveidenced buy the re-release of these packs .

This isn’t the operation sports forum’s haha You can speak your mind here

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Honestly I hope they eventually do it too because then I’d start saving MT that way.

But tbh then I’d likely stop playing for a while.

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Lol true

people are ruining it for you

For me? 2K does with the shadiness and other horrible things that happen.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a pack, regardless of what it was. I just put in locker codes and complete challenges/myteam games. I only buy vc for mycareer.

Well at least put the damn ‘1 topper’ in these packs.

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I’ll never buy packs in 2k21 unless you can use tokens to buy them. You’ll lose 99% of the time. You only see the 1% that pull opals and post about it, you don’t see the other 99% losers. Pulling Felipe Lopez 30x is fun I bet.


What is a topper?

in nba 2k17 it was a guaranted amethsyt or diamond pack that people had when they bought packs with vc

There must be videos on yt of people opening the topper

Also “retro” packs this had it with much lower chance :cold_face: