VC Glitch Rant

Why do you guys insist on taking every oppurtunity to let everyone know you do it nobody cares bruh. Good for you it ain’t hurting 2k like you think it is cause there’s thousands if not millions of people playing this game. I just looked up numbers about 19,000 people are playing an hour on 2k so they don’t care about missing your couple hundred dollars, you think the glitch wouldn’t be fixed if they did? All you guys are going to is make it where you can only use one Archetype next year. Also a glitch is not meant to be broadcasted even if it’s not gonna be fixed. If people wanna know about it theyll ask or go to YouTube. But damn it’s irritating every forum about buying cards leads to someone saying how they get free VC. Well congrats and that is all.


What’s up, Ronnie?

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Preach. Never seen such stupidity.


Real G’s move in silence like Lasagna :sunglasses:


I don’t glitch VC but always remember I bought the anniversary edition and both PD codes… I’m not qualified.:confused:

I haven’t played mycareer in 7 years lol 2k11 was lit tho


I have to admit, as somebody who buys packs legitimately it bothers me people are getting it for free and inflating the MT cost of everything. I don’t begrudge people exploiting it, but it’s like if I pay to see a movie, I shouldn’t get shittier seats than the group of guys that snuck in the side door.


I’m kind of in the same boat. Won’t bash the guys who do it, but it does seem like us money spenders kinda get the hose.


I would do the glitch if I hadn’t already spent like $500 on VC lmao


@star5CR34M @Philanthropy is there any reason in particular that you guys don’t do any of the glitches that are in the game? Vc glitch, auction house glitch, Park Hof badges glitch, free wins glitch? Is it because you don’t know how or is because you just choose not to do anything like that.

No need to vc glitch if you find a money glitch irl


What’s the money :moneybag: glitch in real life? I got money but I’m not about to drop $100 a week on 2k anymore for sure. I have tons of Mt and all the best players.

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Likewise just saying if you can always make more per hour than the VC glitch nets then that in itself makes more sense. I have an entire squad and 500k mt myself so my wallet is also staying closed

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What auction house glitch?

Ahhh I do to, but it really is a waste of money. Vc prices aren’t exactly cheap and most of us have actually spent more money buying Vc than the price of the Xbox console and the game itself. It’s a bit irrational and irresponsible to spend $1000’s of dollars on a game as an adult. We’ve had members here that spend over $10,000 on Myteam every year. Ive spent a lot in the past and I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do it too.

It’s patched now, but earlier there was a glitch where you would win almost any card you bid on.

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10 thousand dollars holy shit you can get a decent car with that money gaw damn

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I have a wife and a kid, I have limited time to play so I don’t want to spend it grinding out some glitch.


Its like and hour of time.