Van Vleet - "F--k pop"

SMH, he’s out of pocket for this one. The first guy that says it is Jeremy Castleberry who’s been getting NBA jobs (including being on the Spurs staff) because he’s Kawhi’s best friend. Then FVV lowers the camera and says it.


Okay, I was starting to like him, now he’s definitely in my “a-holes” category of players

You don’t talk this way about Pop, whoever you are


Shouldn’t he be thanking Pop?

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His responses to questions have always shown an arrogant side (still a role player brodie lol), but he’s whack for this. Just unnecessary.


Arrogance doesn’t especially makes me mad. But talking this way about Pop clearly does lol

Ack, my avatar… Gotta change it. Fuck Pop? Nah bruh, fuck YOU.


I respect vanvleet. Pop send his player to criticize him for sitting out and the Spurs didn’t support him.


Didn’t bother me either, but now I see it as more telling of his character. I dislike him now. I hope he becomes irrelevant.

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Lol why fuck pop?? Smh he on some bullshit

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FVV goes on a good run of games after stinking up the gym and talks trash at Pop? Antibodies activated. No weapon formed against Pop shall prosper.


Can’t wait for the apologists

Pop send his players criticize him in the media. Stephen Jackson even say those things aren’t say without okay from Pop. Spurs legends were criticizing him and Spurs allow it.

No one knows the truth about that entire situation. Consider this though, Tony Parker is not the type of guy to talk down on someone, nor come remotely close to doing what he did with Kawhi. I think there clearly had to have been something warranting that. Kawhi’s camp is comprised of relatives homie. Not people who have been in league circles/advising athletes under their true livelihoods. The Spurs have been known to have one of the, if not THE, best training staffs and medical teams in the league. That whole situation was fishy, people just look the other way because he came out ready to ball and the Raptors were touted as contenders all year.



PS Please never believe Stephen Jackson. He speaks solely from his personal mental capacity, and that same capacity limited his career. Jackson could have been an all-time guy.


I’m with Van Fleet fuck em.

“Kawhi is not a leader” - Greg Popovich


Facts. Never liked Pop. He’s a snarky asshole. Great coach, but doesn’t hesitate to throw his guys under the bus if they’re not benefiting him.


Pop has always been one of my favorite coaches for how he speaks on social injustices and he’s been a flat out winner. But with that said I hated the way Pop handled the Kawhi Leonard situation. He allowed TP, Ginobli and others to publicly call out Kawhi about his injury. He called out Kawhi as well. He went out of his way to make sure that Kawhi didn’t become a Los Angels Lakers just to spite Kawhi. Lakers offered Spurs Lonzo, BI and multiple first rounders. They chose the Demar Derozan deal just to send him on the other side of the world. Before the Golden State vs Toronto series started. Do you know where Pop was? At dinner with Steve Kerr the night before… so I could see why Kawhi would dislike him and Fred probably has heard things from Kawhi and wanted to show he support his teammate. Definitely went about it wrong, but pop will get the message.


If Kawhi wanted out, there was a better way. Both sides made mistakes, but I don’t think Kawhi gets a pass here. Not at all. Championships make people forget though, so it is what it is

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Maybe Kawhi and Pop don’t get along anymore, and you don’t have to choose which team you are. I like both of them, and I understand both of their side of the story

But VanVleet, buddy, you are nobody to talk this way about Pop. You had a great game 6 and now you feel like you are a top 5 player at his position? You’re a role player, come back talking when you will be an all star

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