Value of DRD, Limitless, Defense Stopper Badges

I sniped a lot of them over the weekend because they were all super cheap. Will the value of them eventually go up so I can resell them? I assume it’s down because everyone was ripping anniversary packs over the weekend.

I see limitless go as high ad 4.5k deep range 3k at times and stopper is around 3.5k. at least when I see them.

I’m basically trying to sell each of them at 4K but having trouble doing so. Right now, DRD is super cheap at below 3k, while limitless and stopper are at around 4K.

Also there is just so much inventory out there now so hopefully that slows down

the go in waves. I saw limitless as slow as 2.4 k last night

They probably will. Problem right now is Kareem don’t have a 3pt shot so DRD and Limitless are worthless for him and he already got DS. If some other great card drops and requires these badges I saw their price going up (Let’s say PD Magic is the next drop, I saw DRD and Limitless going up)

Good point. I’ll prob sell what I can sell now and then hold on to the rest for the next packs release

They’ll go up

I like to post my badges for 12 hours before I go to bed. Seems less hits the AH over night so the price rises at some point and they’re typically sold by morning.

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I buy all drd 2k and under, limitless for 2500 and under, def stopper 2250 and under. Even dimer for 1250 or less is a good investment. On PS4 these are all guaranteed to be profitable purchases for both use and resale.

Definitely wait for new card drops to sell. I remember selling 5 limitless for 5k a pop when they release the Vince throwback elite.

If you see limitless at 2.4k again HMU

I just hope when they release Magic, Giannis, etc, that those players don’t include DRD/Limitless already. Knowing 2k, they probably will though lol…at least for Magic

Do people value Limitless over DRD? It seems like it as it’s been easier to sell Limitless.