Value of AK-47 w/ hightop Currys?

Got him BIN this morning at 100k. Is this a W or L?

Not sure but you can probably sell him back for that price or higher.

Depends… Ak47 only sells for 72k right now soo you basically paid 28k for the Curry’s. I don’t think he will be an easy sell because he’s not a very popular player. I would value that card with that shoe around 88k-94 but it’s worth trying on a 4 hour auction at least once anyway to see what you get

W if you keep him, best 3 and d player with that shoe

On PS4, I’ve seen him go for over 140k so if you plan on selling him, sell him now.

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I have AK47 with Curry Lows, fully badged out (deep range, limitless, etc.). He’s by far my best PF. Shoots 70% from 3, clamps, blocks… He’s a god :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I put him up immediately on PS4 this morning. I think I’ll end up regretting it because I actually need a PF. I’d be happy with a 20k profit I guess.

Don’t worry, if they drop something big this week that kills the market you’ll find the same card for a fraction of the price

Ooo he is at 155k with 3 hours left. Keep it rolling. Glad I could snag him before my morning poo.

Wow thank God you didn’t listen to me

Yea that card goes for like 180k with that shoe