Utter failure and contempt

Stream’s dunzo.


I am here!

Really Nice Squad Bro :innocent:

Love the dipset music

Getting my ass kicked. He intercepts every pass, but every time I get a deflection he recovers.

Two awful games. Going to step up thr squad a notch.


What do you think of Ben?

I was great with him last night, today I’m fucking terrible.

Just need more time with him is all…

I was amazing with him last night, today is one of those days every single thing is the wrong decision. Taking a break to regroup.

I feel your pain, I picked up go pg and force to much

I always have that problem with new players I over use them and try to get them to do things that just don’t work for them


It was like just enough lag that I couldn’t react quick enough, not to make excuses but it sure didn’t help.


I’ve been there!

Not trying to say anything by this, or act like I’m a really good player or anything, but in my opinion this is the main thing that holds me back. I’ll swing the ball around with excellent movement, and have a clear lane, only to have my player take like half a second to a full second to react. By then, the dipshit off ballers defender has completely recovered. The input lag in this game is so fucking awful. Can really hold a player back.

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Some games it’s like I have perfect control. Today I was a half second slow the whole time, maybe it was streaming that did it.

Sometimes i stream and it gets really laggy too.

I stream fortnite vs 100 people and everything is fine. 2k servers are just complete ass.

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I feel like opals always follow the same pattern. They are amazing for the first 3-4 games, bursting with new card juice. Then suddenly the equalizer kicks in and they feel unresponsive and sloppy for several games before eventually normalizing to somewhere in the middle.

I found in my cases it’s more the matchups

I never really rely on one person for still if my scoring, to take advantage of matchups, even tier matchups if the have a GO on my PD Clyde, I can usually score with my Clyde

Sounds crazy, but to to run plays and score with your lower tier cards in the court

(Not always the case , but in this weird feeling games that’s always helped me)

It’s the stream too I’m telling you, sometimes I hop on stream and it feels like I’m playing with bags of cement tied to my players legs.