Usual best time to sell?

Saturday or Sunday? What time of the day in the US?

Sold Yesterday

Bought KAJ for 400K sold for 530K

Really depends but you want your card up when the most people are on. Usually around 8pm EST/ 5pm PST. But it is all more volatile than it should be and things change at the drop of a hat. Ronnie could tweet that he likes GO Brandon Roy and then someone yells locker code then all the sudden prices are all f’d up.

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What time of the day did you sell?

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Ending 4PM US time

Important thing is to have a
“10-15min” Interval between cards

4PM “US time” could be a 5 hour gap lol

Good point.

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6 different time zones in US

I just base it on Asia time minus 12 hours

I’m leaning towards selling Saturday morning in the US/4PM CEST. I’ve got two big ticket wings to offload and I suspect people would be preparing their teams for the June POTM run.

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Good Choice man.
Just Remember the Interval thing.

Will do, however it’s not entirely within your control.

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For our timezone, Saturday evening must be the end. Put in AH for 12h now :slight_smile:


Yes you are right.
Sometimes you post for an interval but when you posted it someone posted a new card too lmao

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At 4pm CEST will probably be a bad time tbh. A lot of people play on the west coast and that is 7am Saturday. Half the country will be asleep. Thats when I would be buying.

Makes sense. I’ll give west coasters the opportunity as well.

I could be wrong but I’m guessing a good percentage of the player base play in California. Big state with a lot of people and a large gaming community.

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