Using The Dimer Badge

I got 2 Dimer badges. Do I put both on my Center (KAT) or 1 on KAT and 1 on my SG (Kawhi) who also doesn’t have one?

It’s my understanding that the badge affect from 0 to 1 is greater than 1 to 2. So splitting them and giving two players 1 badge (making them each a bronze dimer) is better than 1 person with silver and the other with 0?

But not sure…

If it was me, I would find a KAT with those badges you want, sell your KAT and the badges individually. You will come out better that way. Kawhi would be hard to find with those badges tho but there’s not as much need imo

The 10% 2K tax would make this a risky move

If you can find KAT for 38k with the gold dimer badge and limitless and sell base for 35k. You pretty much get the dimer badges upgraded for 7k plus limitless and still have the two badges to sell for like 3-4K each. It is a bit of messing around and for people who arnt use to flipping it can be an issue. I do this all the time to upgrade me cards. If it’s 20k worth of badges and a 8k loss from the base. It can be worth it for me.

I got a PD KAT that has Gold Dimer, d stopper and limitless range if you want. Hmu we can set up a price