Using Hold-Off Technique to abuse inbound steal

I been using this technique since release, only in PnR but not setting up a play or transition, I was very annoyed of constant full court pressure and etc, but now I dare them to do it cause using the Hold-Off technique will make them think twice of doing it…

  1. Give ball to Pg, try to get in front of the inbound user, push LT and Up at the same time on the Left Stick, this will make the defender get stuck and cant move, you will now be in a 4 VS 5 situation for easy points…

Thank you, great stuff. Those are the little things that seperate the good from the best.

Yup keep dropping these next make a video on pnr/pnf

thanks bro about to play my first games of ultimate this month for Manu and will give this a shot

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Yeah believe its called locking a player in jail by nba players

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Absolutely goddamned genius man. You can also lock people up in the pick and roll doing the same thing.

thats what harden and cp3 do pretty much every possession lol


The crab dribble >>>>>

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Love your topics @DjEfx, thx.