Upset about tmac

Tmac is my fav player and has been on my end game squad every year since 2k16.
I am just very upset that his cards this year.
PD was goat back then but as a budget baller I wasn’t gonna blow 500k on any cards before playoff. Then his opal was goat for legit 3 months, 600k, nah. But when the supposed endgame tmac comes out, his sigs are already outdated as every other random cards got better sigs than him, so I guess I will have to wait till aug to buy him at 100k as a trophy this year…

Buy the first opal. His sigs aren’t outdated


yeah only people who only use base 98 think he’s outdated. all three tmacs (pd, leap, glitched) are still useable to great

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he’s good…you just can’t spam 3s with him

Pd and up are all still goated, unless all you do is peekaboo and run around in circles.

Which he can also do if that’s your thing.

Tbh I guess 2k20 content wise is the best, I have a no money spent squad but still have amazing sg in glen and Derozan as reward

TMAC signs are not outdated @moderators ban this guy


At this stage Buy what you like. Dont wait til 2k21. Im budgeted last year, but when facing 2 mil mt left in 2k19 I even dont know what to buy, totally wasted

His shot just ain’t it. I’m testing the glitched one out and hes dumb nice his shot just not fast enough. He’s insane though.

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its not fast enough for super screen but offballers wont press hard off the screen and u can probably get off a shot. as soon as the shot flies its instant greens

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wait are u mad about his sigs or about his price

i think its both

i am a little confused.

the glitched version is an absolute monster. maybe because i don’t dive super deep into the meta, but he’s absolutely usable and insane.

a bit puzzled by some of these responses tbh

His peakaboo is the smoothest in the game

This is an confusing thread. Since when is Tmac not good and other cards have better sigs? He’s still a top card but I can see why OP is upset that he’s expensive.

i guess, but it’s tmac. was he expecting him to be cheap?

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