Upgrading OOP Lebron to Prime worth it?

Hey guys, just picked up OOP Bron today, and I’m really liking the card. Is it worth selling and picking up the newer SG/SF version? I like having him at PG but I can just run the offense through him at SG anyway. They’re both around the same price now on PS4. Thanks!

Depends, there are so many good PGs rn so I think Prime Lebron is worth it, but it’s different for everyone.

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I haven’t tried the new one, but I wouldn’t like running him at the 2. I think it’s what you value from your positions. His jumper isn’t bad, but I think you’ll get more out of him from the 1 or the 3. I love him at point, but the new one removed those easy to block layup animations and gave him several more badges (but OOP already has all the key ones)

Sorry I’m not more help but let me know how you like it if you end up getting the Prime version and play him at SG

Thanks man, I feel you on that. I usually like my 2’s to have quicker jumpers as well, but I feel like if I had bron at SG or SF and brought the ball up / handled the rock with him most of the time, then that (or the step on the line threes issue) wouldn’t be as much of a problem. I think I may just try it out tomorrow haha

Anyone notice a difference in their player model sizes? I know oop bron doesnt have a headband, i used him for a week or so back when he was newer and remember him being bigger than this prime version, and of course the prime version has the headband. But headband aside, are the player models the same size or different?

I’ve played with both and I like OOP LeBron’s player model more than the prime. That rookie bron build tends to get thrown around a bit.

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I do not think there is too much of a difference. Player build may be a thing. Not sure. Prime Bron just gives you more HOF badges and Long Athlete, which makes Rim Running more consistent. If I had not already locked Prime 1 and 2, I may have just bought OOP Bron. Tired of waiting on the Mythical GOAT Bron. But, I went for the Prime 3 lock and do not regret having the SG/SF Prime Bron.

Biggest difference is he has long athlete package, which is what Giannis has.

Oop looks bigger

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i like oop’s positions and player build better. oop lebron > prime lebron


OOP Lebron’s ability to play point is better but Prime is better at everything else

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Played with both prime lebron was straight up choking for me idk why I couldn’t green a shot with him but OOP LBJ I’m a monster with not sure but I know OOP one has that bad layup package but that’s the only negative. Running him at PG is deadly compared to SG/SF prime one!

No not at all feels like a imposter for some reason lol.

Had both and picked up Prime one, looks slightly bigger and is faster, however, stats don’t suggest it tho. Id get 20 pts easy with OOP, but with prime one, the plethora of excellent guards dont make him that god tier. I also dont get scared facing one either.

It’s odd