Updated Ronnie 2k rating (77)

not even funny. Dude is a 25 ovr.


Is he in packs? lol

10 driving layup ?

why does this man have a job working in marketing for a basketball game? he has zero personality and now we see he also is terrible at basketball.

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Did you feel the crowd love?


haha exactly zero personality or likability

Youre not going home empty handed! Heres your CUSTOM Xbox and $50 giftbag!


IQs ? :joy:

should have 99 sleep during a stream

77 way to high, 51 more ideal for that scrub

Ive gotta run errands. You dont understand. Going to the supermarket cant wait.

Lmao y’all be OD’n on the Ronnie hate bruh

He shouldn’t have played in the celeb game , should have taken that secret to his grave

That post game interview with Turnupdefense immediately after losing a game for 250K was one of the worst, most awkward/cringe moments I have seen in a while.

Such a terrible decision to interview him right after a big time money game like that.

And an even worse display of truly understanding reality by Ronnie 2K, saying that he wasn’t going home empty handed (after months of saying it was a winner take all tournament).

Then he hands dude an NBA 2K Xbox and says, “it’s custom” like that makes swallowing a 250K defeat any easier.

Credit to Turnup for keeping his composure during that careless interview by Ronnie… I know a lot of guys that would have hulk smashed that Xbox after Ronnie sarcastically dropped the “its custom” line.

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3rd string and rated a 77

What’s even more crazy is that they gave a xbox to an obvious ps4 player. They couldn’t even have a custom ps4 pro ready lol. Besides why would they think giving someone a fucking console is a good idea anyway

It’s a disrepect to the benchwarmers in the nba to put this guys rating ANYWHERE near 40.


It was just a really bad look all around… it’s like there was no actual thought process behind the entire tournament, from start to finish. That cringe interview was the cherry on top.

They were just winging it the entire time.

No way this man is better than gold melo

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