Updated Magic Feedback?

I am very dissappointed in this set. Paul Pierce and KAT are the only guys I would be interested in. However I already have Durant, McGrady, Bird, George and Pippen. I have enough there that I am not sure Pierce clearly benches one of those guys. Even if I run my 2nd rotation as a small ball with Bird as a 4.

So I am looking back into Magic to spend my MT there instead. I have seen luke-warm reviews on him, yet in a recent game Magic seemed very effective. If you have Magic, please share your thoughts now that he has been out for a bit.

Perfect ending piece for a god squad line-up. Amazing for any line-up if you use right. Not so great for a guy that wants him to be one of there leading options and likes to do contested dunks at the rim and spam iso 3’s all game.

Ok yeah. I should add in I NEVER fire off the dribble 3s, esp with my PG. I run the offense with them to utilize the dimer, and I do drive with them until the opp proves they can stop it.

So if Magic can get to the basket and his D is good, I am sold.

Man can get to the basket. He has the best defense that I’ve used at the PG > TMAC, KD, LeBron, Harden, Kobe… He’s not going to dunk over everyone the whole game but he’s better at making difficult passes at the rim than anybody so if there’s rotation you should be able to hit an open guy. Other than that he’ll finish his layups well and dunks some. Decent 3-point shooter, if there sagging I’ll sometimes pull up and he’ll shoot pretty well wide-open but he’s no deadeye from 3.

EDIT: Also I’d recommend posting up some with Magic as well. I run a punch play or two with Magic that’ll sometimes get me a wide-open 3 with Bird and if not I’ll feed Magic in the post. Man has a great post hook and if you get stuck on the drive Magic can always bail himself up with a quick post up.

Magic should work well for you. I feel like, even with the Amethyst (with +9 to Accel/SWB), I can get him to into the paint with relative ease. (Amethyst seldom dunks, though.)

Magic’s one of the very few cards that has HoF Dimer, P&R Maestro, Flashy Passer, and Lob Passer. So if you want to drive and dish, he’s in very select company (Lonzo, CP3, Nash), and the only one who also has post game.

Also probably about as ideal as it comes as a PG who can defend wings at PG well.

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Totally agree, and the Diamond even has 85 Post Fade. Too bad the Diamond doesn’t get the HoF Post Spin Tech and Diff Shots, but oh well.

Not super special, but Magic also has Champ DNA, so you’ll see double-teams coming, ahead of time, to make it easier to utilize his passing badges at the right time to dish to the open shooter.

How much is the Diamond Magic going for these days?

Its tough to tell as there are not a ton on the auction and a mix of stock and diamond shoe.

Do you guys recommend getting him with a diamond shoe? Or is his speed/SWB good enough stock?

Depends on how much of a big baller you are. There is a Nike shoe (2 silver I believe) that give +6 open 3 and +6 speed with ball, or you could add the silver Jordan that gives +6 swb and acceleration. If you find one with the +9 3pt/swb diamond shoes (mine if you want it since I want the PD) I would recommend getting it if it’s in your budget. My magic currently averages 12/8 with 2.4 PA because, as everyone has stated, he’s the best point guard

Thanks all! Just bought him. 278K, did I overpay? Don’t know, don’t care.

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You’re gonna love that card. Solid pickup for sure.

Pd Magic 23 games, only 3 of em offline.
11.5 points / 9.9 assists / 2.2 rebounds / 1.5 steals / 0.9 blocks.

My most difficult games are against any D.Mitchell cards lol, easiest ones are against amy or diamond Magics.

You’re in the PD Magic club too? I think he’s my favorite card ever in 2k.

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I still prefer k17 diamond Magic but that’s because k17’s defensive nature.

D.Mitchels steal too much from Magic in SM, it’s so damn annoying :skull_and_crossbones: Had Pd Harden in 2nd unit, sold him to check if it will reduce this effect. 2pds in the squad is a bit harsh sometimes.

I’ve griped about this a lot, but I also feel like, in 2K18, double-teams result in a turnover or jump ball or at least picked-up-dribble significantly more quickly, so it’s a good deal harder to operate in the post.

Which, of course, nerfs a big part of what makes Magic very special.

Use your Sg,Sf or Pf for playmaking, choose flow offence, select postup quickplay for Magic. This stops those uber double teams on fullcourt/halfcourt and gives Magic enough space to operate. Good side is you can always find at least 1 open guy to dish or even better, if your opponent set Magic double team auto or on, you end up 10+ assists everygame :slight_smile: Basicly you are using him as a shadow PF, so your PF must be able to shoot.

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