Update to shooting is now live


Did you guys get an update just now?

I’m 20 min late

Call me AB bc Im shootin on backs.


no, did you?

Bird is still broken

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From what Wang said, it didn’t seem like there would be much of a change to open shots. More of off dribble type stuff.

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Someone here let me know if Bird is working


But Kyrie is shooting much better for me, maybe theres some bug in Bird release

How did they finally make a good Bird last year, release wise, then fuck it up this year? Doesnt make sense.

Someone just let me if wide open catch and shoot jumpers actually go in now pls


yea open shots still ain’t hitting

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Idk if it needs a buff. I shot 7/7 from 3 at park yesterday. Im basically shooting like 70-80% from three. Cant know exactly cuz i cant see my 2k card cuz 2k is filled with glitches.


it’s more of a myteam problem now

I just played aint no way the shooting is fixed lol cant hit a three if it aint green


Its been a park problem too, everyone was complaining about it and still is. But its true my team has a different difficulties and sliders.

But yeah like shake said it is green or miss. U just have to green every shot.

Did everybody get a 23.884 GB update today? Gonna take me forever to download it.

i just got an update :skull: