Update on my life. Need help for I hurt her!

I was just minding my business and she come pulling me up on a dating site. I forgot about it long time ago and should of deleted it but forgot . It been half a year I think when I did that . Being foolish because she talked so bad too me like she did tonight. I said I was going to show her that Am wanted. I been married 9 years and I never cheat, phone always open and at home alot but am cheating. I was trying to work things out but once again the devil came in and stop it. Now am just a [language] off the street and don’t trust me. And I got to leave and she hated she married me. Am broke and don’t have crap. I didn’t deserve that. I did alot and the number 1thing I made sure that I was and that was fateful and talk care of my kids. If I did It I would man up and say am sorry. But I didn’t do anything. I haven’t been at no one house, kissed, look any women in the eye or nothing. And we barely have sex like once a month. On a good month 2 because she have issues with bleeding so I wait a month till it stop. How stupid am I to be in this.

I need to go to bed


Man, ain’t worth it. You don’t wanna be in jail when the last anni card drops.


@DaNali the fuck.

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You gotta man up and tell her the truth till she believes you.


This belongs in off topic btw.


real sad boi hourz :pensive::metal:


Man I know this crazy but I can’t win for losing. It like this not real

I thought this was about VC glitching for wayy too far into the post.


Alright that’s it. Night fellas.


Maybe you should play less and focus more on your life :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear, I went through a crazy 2 years from my ex wife. All i can say is, I survived.

My life gone any way .not much to work on. I got to bounce back somehow. Can’t let her see me fall.

The old crazy side came out of her and she act like I was a stranger. Like really if I want to bang women I wouldn’t be in this shit. I use to be a low down person when it one to women but I think am going to go back to that. Because been respectful get you no where.

I’ve never once cheated, i was respectful and I attracted my opposite. The real truth is, you don’t rush into any relationship.

I just randomly watched this vid on YT and thought of you and came on here to share this with you lol…I found it very inspirational, hope you do too :slight_smile:

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Nah…we’re the couple’s support team.


This wont help. If anything itll cause you to spiral and end up in the same situation or worse. I dont want to sound too insensitive here, but it sounds like it might be for the best if you go your separate ways. Its easy to get caught up in what was and fail to recognise what is. Learn from this. Get stronger from it and use it to help you understand what you want from someone and what you want to be to someone. Dont go backwards. Always move forward and always move with more purpose. Itll be shitty at first, but youll get through it

In between @Lebron23 and @tyrone795 I really feel needed. I know that this doesn’t help you any, but thanks for making a mofo feel appreciated. One.

Just give her some space and time to cool off. Write her a letter explaining when you joined the dating site and why. Also put in there how you don’t like the way that she belittles you and makes you feel like less of a man and incompetent.

Let her know that she needs to treat you with respect and ask her to write down her feelings for you to read and to better understand her side as well.

Got to trade shoes with one another every once in awhile.