Update on Error 20th Anniversary Locker Codes

This is what Ronnie posted on his IG story

So we got to wait another week :man_facepalming:t5:


Does Ronny really “rip packs” on stream smh. Let me guess he’s going to pull 3 limited


Im so glad this didnt effect me…I would be getting annoyed at in a day in a few days in a week etc

It would be sweet if they just release another code for everyone lol

I hope he pulls nothing above ruby in a 20pk so he can try and explain that bullshit


24-48 hours…

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Might actually tune in just to watch that

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I love that every update says within the next week lmao, this company trash. Im so sorry for yall man.

You guys are lucky…at this rate they will have it fixed by 2k20 and give you all a free copy

sounds like he’ll tell us what we get in 4hrs

Why is Ronnie ripping packs …wtf???

This is some bullshit man. It would’ve been easier to just make another code for the new year to hold us off while focusing on fixing the past code, but no. Let’s wait another week!

2KSports, year after year, proves they don’t know how to deal with any errors or problems on their side. All they do is copy and paste the same game, every year, and do the bare minimum to fix any issues that pop up. It’s sad.

I’m sure next week we’ll get another “please standby” tweet too. You just have to wonder, maybe they’re not really focusing on this as much as they say they are? I’m convinced this code problem is being fixed on by a bunch of interns.


When it first happen they said 24 hours. Then 48. Then a few days. Then a week. Now next week lol.


I would assume to give people the impression that packs are (or will be) juiced while he’s doing so. Also to show he’s just like us and has to pull cards like everyone else. Basically targeting stupid people… #ka-ching


He already got PD Kobe :joy:

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Just tried pulling him with MT. 1.5mil only 2 diamond gilberts.
Good luck Ronnie.

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He won’t pull one but then will miraculously have one in his squad in his very next stream

Even if he doesn’t pull one, there will be a buttload of people (kids) ripping Gilbert and posting on his feed. Even the haters will be promoting without realising

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I actually ripped packs while Ronnie was ripping for MJ on stream to see if they up the odds whenever he’s opening packs. When he pulled 2 Pippens I actually ended up pulling 2 diamonds. Both were Gilmore though. Sad case.

He “gives away” the good pulls, but in order to be eligible, you have to subscribe to his stream. It’s just a way for him to make money off people.