Update- need feedback

Finally pulled the trigger and bought KD and Giannis. Would you move any players around or add anyone. I have 150k MT now but also selling a couple cards that should net me close to 200k. Any help would be great thanks!

if you sold Giannis for AD, youd have my starting 5

cheesy. so, nice team

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Your starters are my starters. I approve.

Sell Gilmore and pick up Sabonis

For the Bench, go with:
Clyde, Pippen, Kawhi, Blake, Sabonis

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just bought giannis a day or two ago. I’m loving him right now

i have him too, hes really good


yea do this and then start Sabonis over Oden. He’s great with Giannis on the floor.

I’m nervous about the lack of speed/lateral quickness with sabonis. His price is also too high for me, so not sure if I’ll grab him unless he drops in price

Same loll

Should I cop Giannis over AD?

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Get someone that can shoot instead of Gilmore

I ran that starting 5 and couldn’t get it going. Running magic-kd-jsmoov-kp-oden starting.
Then penny-bird-kawhai-giannis-hakeem off bench. Go to scorer at both 2s. Hof ds glue guy at 3. Dynamic 4. Good center wit servicable 3.
Been good in the hood.

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Idk I like AD more just cuz hes a damn near perfect traditional PF. But Giannis is probably the cheesiest player in the game, just because his size, ball handling and slashing.