Update 3 for 3 lol (Daily spin)

Got Nash last week. 25 tokens today!! What y’all get?

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Wendell Carter Jr


500 MT and 5 tokens today


That’s tuff

Sweet FA both times. I think it was 500 MT today.

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300 MT

League Pack that had Dantoni In it.

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500 Mt.

5 tokens

Still dont get my spin for last week… it was the zero MT glitch.

*Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out to 2K Support!

Sorry for the inconvenience I can understand that it can be upsetting for you. However, I would request you tocheck your email/spam folder for the Steve Nash spin rewards.

Let me know if I can help you with anything else.


Abhay G.
2K Support*

Wtf :smile:


300mt both times . What luck

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Got fucked outta last week…

Got mt last night lol

Teach me your tricks

Surely I won’t get anymore this year lol

haha, unsure , been at work and not home and rang my daughter and explained to her how to do it for me. Won’t be home in this 24 hour period and didn’t want to lose my daily login:)

Anyone know why I haven’t had a single daily spin yet?

Spin is weekly for login bonus

I know I logged in every day

Got the Milan pack. Al horford and kemba

with your luck u need to open some packs

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Maybe so. I pulled mj in3 mt packs. May pull a few today