Upcoming promos?

Do y’all think they’re gonna do what they did last year and just give out tokens like the sets at the end of the year last year that gave 500 tokens and 750 tokens to lock in, bc I’m pretty sure 80% of people sitting on tokens wasted them today but if 2k was too add goat cards that were 1500-1750 after today then they def need to add a way to get a lot of tokens, who cares about the game at this point I just wanna waste everything I got on the game lmaoo

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It’s a little late for that but it makes sense

I just think we will get a GOAT card in packs and a GOAT card lock in like Showtime. That was arguably the most hype content day of the year


In b4 @trala7


Yeah they pretty much dropped that promo last year in the last weeks of august it was so irrelevant but just for the tokens I guess

Do you mean Ultimate?

That’s the one that locked for 750 tokens

It dropped on July 5th last year


I think we get one final big set that locks in for GOAT Giannis with GOAT Bron in packs. I think GOAT Russell Duncan and a couple others are coming through the token market. We may get one more fan favorite as well but we are getting to the end


Was it really that early but yeah I think it had curry in it and one also had Hakeem Lonzo

I think we only get 2 more goats so I’d say the packs are promos and have GOAT Bill Russel in them and the promo set reward is GOAT LeBron James for a goat set reward of 99 everything Giannis or 99 everything Anthony Davis or maybe there will be no set reward at all for goat as it was never explicitly said that there would be

why did u change your profile pic G?

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That’s 2 diff ones

Hakeem, Lonzo, Oscar and others was NBA Draft which came on June 20th and locked for 500 tokens

Curry, Klay, KD, Westbrook, Pierce, etc was Ultimate which came on July 5th and locked for 750 tokens

In between them, Anniversary 3 finished on June 28th and gave people 3000 tokens and they updated the market with the all-99 cards and new Opals. After Ultimate the cycle was pretty much done

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I think they released auctionable opal giannis around July 30th last year.


I need me an auctionable AD, then the mode can die.


Yeah just realized they don’t have one yet probably gonna drop glitched SF one

“Why are you still playing?” Promo.

A bunch of 99 overall centers with PG secondary.


Yeah, I hear that. But I’m not exactly excited to be using Rubies and Sapphires again.


Next year I’m gonna do the advanced version of NMS where I just use what 2K gives me from codes and challenges. Gonna call it welfare mode.


Can’t advertise drugs :disappointed_relieved::smirk:

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And make them all 7’7 because why tf not

This websites getting soft man :man_facepalming:


I don’t really wanna make a new topic for this but is there any Xbox guys who would trade Xbox gift cards for MT ? I have a shit ton of mt and my plan was using whatever money I get to cop the new 2k and I’ll save the rest for the new console