Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Maybe it’s just been me but it seems like a lot of people are just being a**holes on TTO lately. I’m not the best player, mediocre at best so it’s not the most uncommon thing for me to get destroyed but why do you have to pause it right before the ball goes in? Congratulations, you made it!

Why do you have to talk trash about nuking me? I have three little girls and I have to either play with the volume off or mute every time. I don’t want them to hear some of the nasty things that are being said. Maybe being 32 I’m just being a cranky old fart but it’s really bothering me.

I don’t offball. I’m trying to do my best but this has been awful. Most every interaction I’ve had with people on here has been awesome.

I just try to kill them with kindness but IMO it’s been awful lately.


Don’t let them change who you are and your conduct. You have to remember a big chunk of the demographics are younger players who may not have the same grace and composures you have. In the end, it’s a game. I appreciate you trying to be sportsmanlike and play with dignity and pride. Keep at it and don’t let them bother you.


Sometimes I pause before the last shot goes in if my opponent is being corny. I dont hop on the mic tho

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I just treat the pause like a stare down. Gives me more motivation to punk an ahole lol.

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There’s a tremendous amount of toxicity when playing 2K online

You’re not the only one who notices this

I play with messaging turned off and sound muted anytime someone has a mic

If I’m playing someone who’s obviously new and I’m winning easily, I try to model good behavior by never flash pausing or flopping, but I doubt that does much good

The worst is when you make it a tough game for someone who is decent enough at the game—apparently they just can’t cope with losing

Had someone try to let the pause timer run all the way out on me right after they scored the last bucket to win 21-19. I dashboarded out—game’s over, what’s wrong with you? Just no such thing as winning with class for some people.

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The internet and online gaming brings the turds of the world to your doorstep to interact with you

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Nice piles of shit right in your living room :house: :poop:

I know I am going to run into awful people but it seems to have gotta bad lately. I don’t know if it’s the summer heat that has people all worked up or what it is. Like just now for example, dudes up 19-11 and pauses it after his shot for 2 straight minutes. Bro!!! You schooled me. He offballed the whole time which honestly I don’t care about whether you on or offball. It’s whatever to be honest but pausing it is just ridiculous.

Sad to say, but I just sort of expect that the flow of the game will be disrupted like that

Doesn’t bother me as much if I just accept it as a consequence of playing online

Not much else to do about it

TTO has been really bad lately. Off balling mid court pull ups, ppl crying on mics. Sending hate mail.

Of the 600+ TTO games I’ve played I’ve had 4 positive experiences with interaction with people either with mic or messages. Probably 60+ people talking crap on mic. And probably about 80+ negative messages.
The amount of flash pauses or game winner pauses are mind blowing. But like was already mentioned pretty much all online gaming has toxic interaction it seems

That’s 2k for you man. It’s by far the most toxic gaming community I’ve ever experienced. People used to rag on CoD for being toxic but I’ve never had as much shit as I have on 2k.

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I never pause but when my opponent keeps pausing me when he makes a shot I give em a long one after I win lol Karma at its finest.

2k is def the most toxic community I’ve seen.

Lot’s of angsty teens and tweens who tie their self worth with how well they play 2k and how many supreme bogo hoodies they have.

Winning in MTU for them is life or death.


you guys don’t play counter strike global offensive xD

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COD too

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i dont play COD but pretty sure is worst than csgo xD

It’s not just this community. This ones pretty bad. Maddens is pretty bad. Others have mentioned COD and other shooters. It’s just the world man. So many cowards who just hide behind screens and try to do or say anything to stir up somebody else. 99% of the time though I imagine that it’s probably a kid who gets bullied in real life. Rarely will you find older gentlemen behaving this way, but it does happen too. I feel bad for people that don’t know how to conduct themselves online. They show an entire world how unintelligent they are.

Some of them are here too. I’m real tempted to start taggin some people and opening convos about why they’re such assholes.


Ya it’s the gaming community as a whole, it’s been like this even 15 years with other games. Lot of em is because they are young or just immature.