Unsellable diamond shoes

Hi guys , i buy diam shoes (empty) and resell after putting 5 bonuses (250 x 6 = 1500 , resell 5k) but weird , some shoes are now unsellable … and i bought them empty on market !!! is it normal ? Is there a way to know which will be unsellable !? Thanks :basketball:

Maybe cause i did put unsellable bonuses on them !?

Nah they are either shoes from collector level (shoe colour ways), locker codes / rewards or pre order bonuses.

You can check which ones are not sellable by clicking on them on your collection.

How much MT you making doing this btw?

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All shoes are coming from market that’s why it’s weird when i sell back but i made a few domination games and reward are (unsellable?) shoes bonuses

I can tell it’s a good MT tech have plenty of MT , my original MT tech was buy/sell heat check but shoes are way more effective !! Buy shoes for 250/500 and 5 x 250 bonuses (+3 close , mid , dunk , ball control , ext def , those are good and findable for 250) , you can sell quick for 3k or be patient selling at 5k , x2 to + x3 invested

I don’t want to sound like a d*ck, but it takes at least 2 minutes to buy the shoe and the boosts, craft the shoe and put it on the market, that means you make about 45k mt per hour - 100k sells for $5 (or less), that means you are making (the equivalent of) less than $2.5 per hour to do a very boring job!

I understand grinding (although anti-economic) if it is at least a bit enjoyable, but I am not sure selling shoes is.

Again, no offense intended!

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Well it’s not my job , it’s my free time and it’s pretty fast to earn quick MT while playing …

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