Unpopular Basketball Opinions?

Unpopular Basketball Opinions?

Knicks are worst team in the league.

Hornets will not win a championship in the next 25 years.

Philly will 3-peat in the next 10 years.

Orlando Magic are not winning the championship this year.

What are y’all unpopular basketball opinions


These are just dumb



That’s an unpopular opinion

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At least one of these statements are definitely true lol

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Which ones?

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How is the magic not winning an unpopular opinion ? That’s just fucking common sense
Hornets not winning in 25 years is also very probable

Here is an unpopular opinion
Philly won’t make it to the finals in the next 10 years


Here’s another one

Raptors run it back and defend this year

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Thunder winning it all in 3 years

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Just because your backup center has a song about him, Aaron Gordon can dunk and Markelle Fultz learned how to shoot again doesn’t mean your going to win the championship. I know it’s unpopular but there’s a lot of hype around them

pistons won the trade… lol


Philly will protest the 3 point line for the next 10 years


knicks being the worst team in the league is a popular opinion

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Ja Morant deserve to be a allstar
The Sixers in 5 vs the Bucks


More than one :joy:

Since this thread probably just turns into fans supporting their teams or trashing their rivals…

Unpopular opinion: Celtics make the ECF this year.

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I think they make the finals. Tatum is a top 3 player in the east.

They could make the finals!

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BRUH MAGIC ARE HOT TRASH Aaron Gordon don’t even know what it means to show up in the playoffs. And Marielle doesn’t even know what the playoffs are
Issac is out

Magic not winning the chip is a LOCK. It ain’t an unpopular opinion. I don’t think you understand how this goes lol

And that it between the Sixers and Raptors to represent the east for the Nba finals

See that’s an unpopular opinion. Celtics making the ecf

Man ecf battle Gunna be crazy man

Raps bucks Celtics Sixers heat. All legit chances to take it

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