Unlucky for those people who live in Belgium and Netherlands

That’s really unlucky for those myteam players in those two countries.

I think that’s because of the new anti gamble laws they are considering to introduce around Europe… and i can’t blame them either.

That’s not only for 2K but also for FIFA and all other games.

In long terms the companies will have to consider other ways to grab money because like i said, this law will be introduced around Europe soon

Yeah man, I suppose Belgium’s law is not as worse as Netherlands. The only way those myteam players in Netherlands can get a good team is thru packs :confused:

And 2k is kinda screwing them on purpose it seems. Kinda like a “you made laws to keep us from making money so we’re gonna show you” type thing. If this law were made worldwide, 2k would overhaul the game to still make it playable, but they chose not to do that for these countries for a reason. They want us to see this and be afraid to pass these laws in the US.

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wow. i really hope they dont do that in canada. I cant see it but hope laws wont change here to these ones

You guys from US are afraid to have laws like that in your country? Like…really? Come on, in your neo liberal system there could never be something similar.

i live in canada but if those laws came in here that to me would suck. I mean the auction house in 2k is something i use a lot and wouldnt want that gone. packs are kinda okay but idk. i cant really see this happening anyways here or states but anythings possible

Not following your through process man…maybe you can help me understand where you’re getting this idea from, but I’m pretty sure 2k is doing this so they don’t get sued or banned from those countries…which is completely reasonable. I don’t think it has anything to do with money. They aren’t going to change the entire game because of the laws of 2 countries, especially when this represents like probably less than 1% of their consumer base or something miniscule.

Especially Belgium, how is 2k trying to screw them? It’s literally worse for 2k to not allow Belgians to buy packs with VC. 2k wants people to buy VC to buy packs.

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This makes me even more pissed… i life in belgium and pre ordered the lebron edition only to find out 3 days ago that it got cancelled because of this law… fucking retards!! Atleast i still will have an auction house…

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just open US account?

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Man, no auction house, i rather have no gameplay then no auction house :scream_cat:

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this is ultimately a good thing. if enough countries do this 2k will be forced to switch it’s business model


Or perhaps they are actually the lucky ones . . .


this is a proof that 2k is gambling company


My dude, you’ve never understood my thought process. You’ve literally disagreed with me every time you’ve ever responded to me. Whether it’s here or 2kMTC. But I won’t take it personal.

Anyways, what I’m saying is that 2k should make a game that is the same worldwide and fit into any structured laws. You don’t think 2k could’ve come up with something better than to just flat out remove VC? They couldn’t restructure their game so that you can earn more items by actually playing the game? Rather than putting those countries at a HUGE disadvantage? Main point is that there are other options than the one they chose.

No ah? Lol just remove mode

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loot based games can exist without an AH, but there has to be a LOT better ways to earn in game currency and better drop rates. Hearthstone is one example. I was able to open 100 packs this past expansion with only in game currency I earned from playing the game. that is $200 in value

Excuse me? Unlucky?? More like blessed. Their government actually considers loot boxes gambling which they are. If every country or a mass market country did this then 2k would be forced to change the way they make money. They are punishing the users instead of accommodating them to drive them to pushing the government to change the law. This speaks volumes about the company. Despicable… Can’t wait until abusive loot boxes became illegal, we are living in a dark age of gaming where greed has taken over the industry and passion is sparse.


Put this on a t-shirt, and give this man (?) a medal.

I know you know this, but the “value” is dictated entirely by the developer (and not the market). If you showed this system to an alien, the alien would consider it a fundamental flaw for in-game purchases to cost more than the game itself does, while being miscategorized as “micro-transactions.” There’s nothing “micro” about spending $100 on a VC package for a $60 game.

Anyone in Belgium or Holland play Fifa Ultimate Team? How did EA adapt to this?