Unlimited Win %

Just curious to see what’s the “average” win percentage here on the website. For me I’m right at 70% (49-21) what about you guys?

67-5 while getting Redd, gave away some wins after

That’s like +90% :flushed: current or next?

With how it is now that’s well above average.

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current, 93% i think it was

I play current too you got any tips? :joy:

Haha a little yea, what’s yours?

speedboost glitch and shoot 40 3s a game, this game lets u hit 70% of them for some reason. Only take dunks for showtime, don’t let the other person shoot 3s

Gotta love current gen :sob: I just needa take more 3’s and I should be fine now! Showtime and heart crusher are the really broken badges tho real talk they too op

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90% on this season, but most of it was due to unlimited challenge previously where i got lots of quits from casual gamers

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I’m like 100-50 lol. I’m ass

biz hazard :sweat_smile:

For what it’s worth I’d say at least 15 of those losses are from peeps stream sniping me lol

48-9 84%

That’s about the rate i win at now so I’d be of no help, and I’ve hardly played unlimited this season. It’s an all-time sweat fest on there with how matchmaking is set up, and getting on to sweat after stressing over work projects are not a good mix for me. There are a lot on here that are great at the game and give good gameplay tips though

29-7 with 5 lag outs. not sweating redd. basement wifi is immaculate i must say.

Played a lot less than last year, and a lot worst it looks. 14-4 here.



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67% and probably going to be even lower as I’ve started to give out wins or just flat out quit games I feel aren’t enjoyable at this point of the game’s cycle.

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