Unlimited Vince vs Kobe

Who you got?

Kobe all the way

Kobe. Or anyone for that matter. Vince feels sluggish+his head can’t fit into my screen (50 inch TV).



The least they could have done is put his old man face on the other models . It’s grotesque

Kobe for defense

I played with some homies on a big screen the other day (monitor player), and holy shit all my releases were off, i just started 2k18 attacking the paint lol

do you guys actually even like kobe? I hate mine

Prob need to turn it to game mode. The input lag is crazy w/o game mode on my tv

Yeah I had to do that haha it was really bad before that. I’m so used to playing wired with 1 ms response time but no excuses when u playing the boys

Vince’s limitless game is a lot better.

Actually I’m going off the limited one…my bad.

weird flex but ok

I got the limited for 430 yesterday even though nobody seemed too impressed and I am really liking him…wanted to share my experience.

Kobe is awesome. So is Vince but Kobe is better imo.