Unlimited POTM

Started late this year. If I get Baron and Amar’e this month, and I got bird last month, will there be a chance to get Clyde and Dirk again for opal Dr J? Want to know before trying to get 11 wins for Amar’e…

What about Moses?

No one knows what will be next months players. At some point we will have opportunity to get clyde and dirk, but if it is next month or in 2 months, we cannit know.

You make it sound like it’s easy to just get POTM cards lol.

I’ve been trying all month to get Wilt & I still can’t get him. There’s undoubtedly a matchmaking system in place where you only go up against 2k Gods in MTU, cause I feel the competition is pretty diverse in TTO.

Yeah MTU is toxic. If you want him, and can’t get 12-0, this is the man to talk to :arrow_up: @Andrius27 … I use him when I don’t have time, or when I’m done getting connection errors. He will also take mt if you’re low on funds… He’s legit

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