Unlimited lineups

Would consider Agbaji as a backup to Green. He is fast with fairly good defense. The only other card to even consider would be diamond AK47. He is still expensive, but can get for under 40k at times. I ended up getting Kawhi and really like him, but AK47 significantly better at everything. He is the only diamond that I have tried and decided to keep outside of the evolved players and untradeable rewards.

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Pau Gasol, Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah and Mark Williams (diamond). All of them at C.
Start one, bench one, cut two.

Start Williams bench Gasol in case you need a big stretch who can pop out for the threes. Williams is quick and very fluid and can block the hell out of everything I find and finish at the rim very well. And he’s cheaper than all the rest if you get him at Sapphire and evo him yourself.

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Depends which mode, but I’d go Noah-1, Williams-2, Chandler-3. For Clutch time offline, I still really like Duren for his speed and driving dunk, he gets around his man really well on cuts to the hoop.


Was holding MT for quite a bit but as a Celtics guy they got me on todays content, JT is arguably the best release I’ve used this year and JB is also very good all around