Unlimited is lit right now

Playing lots of black friday level talent, was there a bundle at GameStop.

Perfect time to set that 11-0 up


Thanks…I think Im 7-0 now. Four more…then one more.

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I hope they continue to play this Saturday

2k was on sale for like $29.99 in the Microsoft store I think.

I just beat someone 95-17 with him pulling contested 3’s the entire time :rofl:

6-0 right now. Been playing noobs as well

Ahhhhhh. People that have the 2K18 mentality :heart:

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Guess I’ll make my run for manu

Lol yea I’ve been murdering people on like a 19 win streak


You on a ps4??? Up 40 on someone lmaoo

Let’s put this game on sale or $9.99 plz 2K

I played the SWEATIEST game today. The starting lineup pictures loaded up and showed we both had Manu, so I knew this thing was about to be a sweatfest. To make things worse, he was running heat check Giannis at point. First experience with that, and probably not my last. Double Overtime, 57-55 win for me. Dude was running pick and fades the entire time with manu and had me locked up on D. Then he would do spinning layups with Giannis. Played him immediately after again by pure chance and won by 12 after posting up every possession with Big O. He actually ruined Giannis in the post. Ewing also dropped a solid 15 and 10 (he’s a pleasant surprise for me).

Now I’m 11-0, so I just wait until next month to get the next reward.


This makes me so happy… 2k please don’t fuck me with a “network error” on game 12!!

Nah just wait till they do that shit on xbox where they let you play free for the weekend haha… Then it’s a wrap :rofl::rofl:

Dec1 will be a sweatfest lmao

I was 11-0 Nov 1 and made the mistake of playing as soon as Manu dropped, sweatiest game of my life and I took the L


If I get to 11-0 I’ll wait until the following week during tourney or on sun morning bunch of casuals lol

Got to 11-0 yesterday on a pretty easy run. Yeah December 1st will be interesting, seems like everybody is sitting at 11-0 haha.

Either that or sitting banned haha

Just got a quit in first 2 minutes, 5-0 boys