Unlimited Help?

This year has been pretty rough for me, I’ve gone 2-5 in unlimited which is not normal for me. I’m pretty weak on the offense side this year, pick and rolls aren’t working for me too much anymore. You guys got any tips, really need this Finley. Thanks guys!

get good shooting bigs like fry and do alot of pick and fades, trust me

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I haven’t used Frye yet, currently on the ruby board. I’d usually run pick and pop with Colleman, but that hasn’t seemed to work.

I think he have 90 3pt, get him its just 3 tokens

Do you think he’d be able to run with my rubys and Amythest?

of course, he is maybe the best big man shooter in the game rn

He has a higher 3 than curry.

You’re gonna have to run an actual offense man. Use a freelance, learn a playbook, learn a Series offense, post up. There are literally so many more options than just Pick and Roll. Add all of these things to your offense so that you become versatile.

I played so many guys that just tried to drive or pick n roll…and when that gets shutdown they literally have no clue what to do. Just as i predicted, basketball strategy reigns supreme this year. For too long people have been conditioned to freeballing with success in 2K. You can’t do that at a high level anymore.


You can’t run freelances without a specific coach this year, who do you recommend?

Call a time out on offense. Lets you change freelance in gameplan

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Any recommended freelances?

Pace is great. I recommend trying the new ones out in domination

Damn its really hard to me too recently to forget all the bad habits from 2k18 gameplay… especially on defense.

Are you guys playing weaker opponents on average now that the game is released?

Unless they are ripping packs, we should have a leg up on some players with the token nerfs. I haven’t played an unlimited game since sunday. Would be nice to hear what everyone is running into

I cant tell cuz i keep losing. But tbh they are close games and more because i cant score at a consistent rate. I just need to learn the game mechanics a bit better. I do enjoy this installment this year. Just hate all this losing im going through Lol

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I feel like this early on, speed is key. I picked up ruby wall and Wallace And they were killing it for me. Got to 6-0 and then ran into a dude who had amethyst Marbury unlocked and had all the current Amy in starting 5. Shot 84 percent from 3 with Steph and Klay off the bench mainly but he had Pippen and Mitch who also didn’t miss. He must’ve spent a fortune on the game already.

You’re dreaming, i got like 300k and soon into Amy market and i havent spend any extra besides Anniversary Edition.

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I wish I was as talented as you with the sniping. You are definitely great at the sniping but I also know a lot who pay a lot to assemble awesome teams. I can’t tell if this guy did, and I shouldn’t assume, but chances are he’s not as talented as you. And if you have any tips for sniping send them my way so I can be in your shoes too haha.

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