Unlimited GO Tier

This new 12-0 shit is terrible in a sense bc if you get a DC loss in the beginning like I just got you have to now play at the minimum TWENTY THREE MORE GAMES. What a joke. I should get paid bc this is a second job. 68 Unlimited games, Domination, 250+ TTOnline games, 300 TTOffline games. I mean its great theres content but the 68 unlimited games is way too many


Looks like it’ll be a quick year for you. You picked the wrong year to return, game’s ass.


68 games. sixty eight games. lmao


Somebody call the wambulance.


Lmao :joy:

But honestly i cant play 68 games too :joy:


Yeah that’s a fat L.

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Yeah I’d rather do 68-0 in 2k20, now I’m 50-0 after last L

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They’re gonna end up changing it… they have to. A LOT of people are very pissed off about it.

I hopefully think that this was their method of keeping people engaged longer, but this is not what most people wanted.

We wanted them to think of, and implement something to keep us engaged AFTER going 12-0, not make it way more difficult and longer to get 12-0 in the first place.

I have no idea why they don’t implement some kind of tournament function in the game. Then again, these are the same developers who put the orange accessories glitch back in the game after taking seven months to fix it last year.


Yep apparently 2k though that playing 12 games wasn’t enough now they made it 68 lmao it’s so trash

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unlimited is fine, it’s harder but it’s actually rewarding. i don’t think last year i was missing out on anything other than baron davis, glen rice and rudy gay. if u don’t want to play that long then don’t but the dudes that do have one of the best cards in the game plus they earn over 100k from those packs


They made it this way to kill the 12-0 service providers.


It the 12 in a row at the end of the 68 wins that is the real killer. Is average guys probably don’t go 12-0 in one shot.

I dont think 2k cares about them, honestly they just tried to make it good and it’s a flop. If you wouldint drop tiers i’d it’s good, but now? Atm it’s not that sweety out there, but i’m only in ruby tier so what do i know.

But i mean common, you need to win 10 games in Opal just to stay there, it’s crazy dumb.

Well it’s not even that you would need to repeat 12-0 incase you lost a game within 12-0 run, its that if you lost 3 of them you go down a tier and you will need to go 11-1 before even attempting 12-0 again.

So if you won 56-0 and went 9-3 then you need to do 11-1 and try 12-0 again lol.

definitely saving my free agents for opal tier, fuck losing and resetting that many games lol

I mean, this is the same system we had in 2K17 my team online for those who played that game. You had to rank up through the tiers and win at least 10 games to stay in some. In fact, it was longer in 2K17 because you had to prestige and do TWO playthroughs of the entire thing to get PD Tim Duncan. So i don’t mind this one much

Yah I agree people with monthly rewards gonna strike fear once people see the reward on the loading screen :joy:

Yeah this sucks so bad for 12-0 service providers. I’m terrible at unlimited so I don’t play, but as a Celtics fan I would have paid someone a good amount to get me Pierce.

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Its not about how difficult it is. Its about having to play 68+ games along with every single other thing they add in the game. I mean I got disconnected from my first game in GO tier so that just adds an extra 23 games… like what

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You had more than 40 days to do it though, correct?

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