Unlimited Discussion Thread

Don’t see anyone discussing unlimited mode here so decided to make a thread. Feel free to share your progress, struggles, etc.

Here’s my current progress after no lifing unlimited this whole weekend.


2K really managed to make unlimited more unbearable since now you can’t even reset if you take a loss =.=. Pray for me fellas - will attempt the run soon. Will check back if I manage to pull it off.





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I haven’t played a game of Unlimited


What rewards do u get from the other tiers?

From amethyst tier and up - you get a guaranteed amethyst I think. I pulled a Giannis, Lebron, Kawhi so it’s pretty good.


kinda trash until amethyst. amethyst box is basically a gold badge + amethyst card. diamond box has another amethyst card, gold badge, and a diamond contract. pd box is diamond contract and shoe, amethyst card, hof badge

This is how @Clarke_Griffin got them stacks :joy:

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yeah i got giannis, kd, kawhi. my homie got harden and 2 giannis’s the lucky bastard

I’m trying to get through it asap before everyone starts having more op cards.

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So you just have to do stretches of good records right? Like your record is monster but how bad could it have been to still get to that point where you need to go 12-0 for PP (pause lol)

Anyone know how many contracts a free agent card has? You best believe all of them will be used once I start getting closer to 12-0.

5 I think

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so here is how it works.

silver tier - must get 3 wins in 12 games (allows for 9 losses maximum)

gold tier - must get 4 wins in 12 games (allows for 8 losses maximum)

emerald tier - must get 5 wins in 12 games (allows for 7 losses maximum)

sapphire tier - must get 6 wins in 12 games (allows for 6 losses maximum)

ruby tier - must get 8 wins in 12 games (allows for 4 losses maximum)

amethyst tier - must get 9 wins in 12 games (allows for 3 losses maximum)

diamond tier - must get 10 wins in 12 games (allows for 2 losses maximum)

pink diamond tier - must get 11 wins in 12 games (allows for 1 loss maximum)

galaxy opal tier - must get 12 wins in 12 games (allows for 0 losses)


How good are rewards up till the ruby tier?

basically a contract and a couple lower level players/badges and one player of the tier level (for example; emerald for emerald tier, ruby for ruby tier)

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Can anyone confirm ?

If you fall down a tier do you get the previous tier reward again when going back up.???

So if you don’t get this done quickly the rewards won’t be worth much…

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Knowing 2K, I doubt it lmao.