Unlimited difficulty level/ download for freestyle

Jumped from unlimited to freestyle, usually i’m on superstar there to have the same difficulty level like unlimited ( was like this the last years ).
This year there’s a specific difficulty level with specific presets. Lower than superstar.

If you want to practice in freestyle and have the unlimited difficulty level you can download the settings. I uploaded them already.
Go to freestyle - pause - options - cpu/ user settings - triangle ( ps4 ) to load presets - download UNLIMITED SETTINGS. Done.

image image


Thanks for this. The unlimited settings need to be more difficult though. The shot aim meter is huge on these settings lol



They are much lower than last season …

Maybe later when cards are better…

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I just downloaded… thanks!

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Had no idea that slider settings could be downloaded!


What are all these “VC Glitch” settings people have uploaded?

It’s called bypass with buying mt lol

They change when you play TTO or Dom to the last game mode difficulty. Like this you can switch it directly.

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I think TTO has his own difficulty too. I remember there was another setting called ,Online Park,.

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here are the key differences right now. this is on PC so if anything updated on consoles in sliders they may be slightly off.


Thanks bro!


That’s interesting, thanks.

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