Unlimited 38$ and Limited 8$ Services on Xbox

Hello guys,

Im offering various services on Xbox: 12-0, token services. As well, I could help you create account for Veronicas checks, MT Sale

Prices for services:

100 tokens (includes free player of the month and extra ~40K MT) – 50$

12-0 service – 20$

I will create myPlayer accounts for Veronica – 7$ for account

Selling MT 100k for 12$

First customer will get 10% discount.

I never got banned for using any of this method so I can promise that if you do get banned i will refund the money!

If you are interested, DM me, if not PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT and move on.


Everything looks good bro. You have any vouches ??

Once I bought MT from @Dwadepumpfake, but other than that I’m new in this business

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Why are these services always on XBOX? Haven’t seen a single one for PS4 yet. Just asking.

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If I would have PS4, I could do the same, but on xbox it takes less time

You have impeccable timing my friend :slight_smile:

Dude. This is NOT IT. Be better bro get off this dudes service page. Thats really slimy man dont do that been enough of this behaviour around the forum lately…


The market is crazy :grinning: All I want is to make some money for RDR2 and new Forza


Im outta here lol

Lmao 20 is low but sheesh this is getting out of hand undercutting and what not how bout I take both of y’all off the market and start a rumor that y’all service will result in ban :rofl:


Just dont mention me in the audit lol. Im outtie lol

Am I the only one that sees a difference between legitimately winning (rage quit) 12 games vs the ‘token’ method where you are manipulating matchups and giving Ws away?

Maybe it’s all the same to 2k but the token method feels bannable in a way the account sharing way is not. It reminds of 2k16?! where you could time your quit on the loading screen to get a W


Lol It is bannable but 2k is to lazy

I believe the rep told you that, and maybe that rep doesn’t have access, but I guarantee 2k has all matchups in a db somewhere for their analytics.

If 2k ever wanted to get serious I think a lot of us will be in hot water. Fortunately for us 2k has a long track record of not caring.

i can do both dont really matter

Price fixing and collision amongst 12-0ers exposed.

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This whole thread:


they lied to you they can definitely track W’s

post that in your own thread


At this point 2KGamer is basically McDonalds: anyone can provide and do the same shitty service