UniqueMazique Pre-Release 2K20 Stream

Just saw a Tweet from him that he’s streaming.

Think it’s only offline modes, but maybe will be interesting for those of us who are jonesing really hard…


Mazique is legit one of the funniest dudes at reacting to player models ever. Clicked 1 minute ago and already dying lmao

“They got Dale Ellis looking like he got runover by a basketball cart” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

anyone streaming myteam early? is it possible?

haven’t seen any on twitch

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My understanding is that servers are not up, in general. So just offline modes available to those who have the game early, but who don’t have special access.

you mean they can’t access myteam? or stuff like the auction house. wondering if we can see any domination stuff early

I think they cannot access MyTeam at all, which requires connection to servers.

Would imagine this also means one cannot get VC in other “offline” modes?

Maybe can simply play Play Now stuff? Or maybe even just scroll through roster?

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