Unique Rockets cards

Artest with curry highs badged out with all the goods

Yao with curry lows badged out with all the goods

Sapphire scola with diamond addidas rebounding shoe
Badged out

Brent Barry Ruby with diamond Adidas speed shoe
(Badged out)

Aaron Brooks sapphire badged out

Ruby battier badged out

Posting all tn. If you’re interested make a bin offer.

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If i had a penny for every time you’re an asshole on this forum i’d be a millionaire.


How much for Brent?

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Did you get kicked out of he tourney?

Triggered radical leftist detected :sob:

Nah, you’re a dick

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nah but alot of guys ghosted and i played like everyone that didnt

You suck haha

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Artest 15bid 20 bin
Yao 22 bid 25 bin
Battier 2200 bid 4400 bin (7golf badges)
Scola 4400 bid 8800 bin
Aaron Brooks 4400 bid 6600 bin
Brent 5500 bid 11k bin

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What added badges are on the Artest?

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What does it bring yao’s 3 ball to?

You a trumptard :joy:

79 plus shooting badges

r you quiting of the tourney man? why?

I’m half black though and not from USA🤣

Your like a pesky ankle biting dog that won’t go away.

I smell a old timer here :kissing_heart:

You must be 12

Why do you spend so much time on this forum? Alls you do is spend 75% of your time here bashing Americans and acting rude, you’re insufferable and you bring NOTHING to the 2kgamer table.