Underappreciated Studs

Interested in seeing who are your guys that you won’t find on most people’s squads but they are studs for you. For me, Opal Lonzo Ball and PD Paul George are awesome. If I posted a lineup with them, at least half the suggestions would be to move on from them.

Who are your 2-3 underappreciated by others or simply non-meta players that are studs for you?

I see PD PG13 like every other game still.


definitely all star kawhi. he was pd pg before pd pg and hes insane


I just upgraded PD TMac to Opal Klay but for 70-80k that Prime TMac still puts in work

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Did a sampling of 30 lineups in the May lineup thread - one Paul George. That qualifies as underappreciated to me haha.

My go-to TTO lineup is OOP Westbrook, Eddy Curry and PG. I have better cards, but those 3 just play way above their gem levels. None are unheralded, per se, but it’s amazing the level of value you get from cards that you can get for 12k, 70k and 85k respectively.

ah you mean here on 2KG. yea most of us have full GO squads and have the newest cards in the game. but we’re a small, small part of the playerbase.


Diamond RoCo


ultimate 3 and d

Nice pick. Just posted my Opal KD because this TMac drop has me thinking a new KD is coming soon. Might use RoCo as my replacement.

Ben Wallace

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i copped again to compare to darius miles and jeff green. ben reigns supreme

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PD T-Mac. I sold his leap year’s opal because I didn’t feel any difference. Even hof quick draw was barely noticeable. I used his PD in my last 12-0 runs - card is still incredible.

Also opal Dr J. People know he’s good, but I don’t think they realize how good he really is. He’s my most reliable shooter with only gold range extender (67% from three in 276 games) and of course an incredible slasher and defender. And even though he’s only 6’6, he plays sf for me all the time and I have zero problems. I doubt he will ever leave my lineup.


Amy Majerle
Love his shot, the perfect 3&D for my style.

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Underappreciated Stud? Myself.



GO Nate Thurmond.

I picked him for 75k a week ago or so, might be even cheaper now. Only picked him for a GS themed team but he was a huge surprise, quick, strong and a more than usable 3pt shot.

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It seems like SG Rodman doesn’t get enough love. His defensive versatility is all I expect from him, but as long as he’s open, his shot is pretty tough to miss.

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Under appreciated stud?

PD Darius Miles, he is amazing.

Diamond Gerald Wallace is another one.

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