Unbelievable how rare diamond shoes and contracts are

I definitely would. Take my MT. Feed my Giannis. He’s not even playable on my squad without them :confused:

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If you have 20+ diamond contracts you can send one to the auction house. I wonder if you have 20+ Kyries if you can do the same. Idk why they’re not auctionable

…but takes his rightful place as potentially the best card in the game when he does have em on so keep hunting!

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I was thnking this the other day. I bet you could sell your 21st Diamond shoe but obvi its not something that is ever going to happen

I hate you right now😢

I’d probably go up to 200k for a pair right now. I’m getting that desperate.

I don’t have Red Kyrie’s. I just said that. I got Curry Lows, Kobe A.D. Mid, and Crazy Explosive.

Sorry replied to wrong post. :upside_down_face:

I actually hate this lucky bastard lol

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Can you share that email with me, please. 2K is trying to put it on Sony and not give me shit.

It’s a long chain of mails, i guess 10 lol. Would put in a text file when i get back home.

It would be much appreciated, broham!

Is it too much to ask for how your chat with em went down? Same exact thing is happening to me right now. I subbed out Embiid (no shoe) for Giannis (Grey Yellow Kobe’s) and it makes my team 12/13 players with diamond shoes. I’ve lost 5 games from errors now but I’d love some diamond contracts.

It went for months actually, i had another error which was not solved for 3 weeks. I couldn’t access MyTeam and it made the pre-order rubies pretty much useless for me. This was the 2nd deadly error and i sent too many ticketcs, videos regarding these. Have topics in 2k forums, have tickets etc…

This problem won’t be solved in k18 i can assure you, you have to downgrade. Record a video of the problem and open a ticket, ask for a compensation kindly. I have a long history of tickets about fatal errors so they helped me more than other people i guess. The main reason is however, i was a good spender back in the day :slight_smile: They are more generous if you are spending on the game.


This right here! Early cycle i was dropping decent cash on VC and got contract packs and some MT/VC compensation but when i stopped spending i got every excuse under the sun as to why they couldn’t do anything

Main thing is this but the support member you are contacting also matters a lot. Some of the dudes are really good, few are extremely stubborn.

Regarding the thread topic: Diamond contracts are not so rare now btw, duo packs has some i’ve pulled 5+ with singles MT.


I had a female support member once (i can’t remember her name) and she was great, no stuffing around just straight to the point and got the issue sorted. Last issue i had i got Brandon from senior management and the guy was a douche. He just kept sending me the standard copy and paste replies (he even left the drop down menu from thier copy and paste templates in 1 reply) and was hugely dismissive of the issue. Oh and he signed off with this :dragon_face:emoji to everything

I usually use my previous tickets to avoid those copy-paste solutions cuz i’ve gone through them already :smile:

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I tried on the one with the female and it was dead, no reply for a week so i had to create a new one and got Brandon the dragon :joy::joy:

I didn’t get any contracts from them, just 100k and 5 Draft Day packs. Bullshit!!