Unbelievable how rare diamond shoes and contracts are

Not a free copy though!

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Did you get a pack from support with these in it?

I’ve opened like $1200 or more worth of packs and I’ve pulled 2 contracts and 4 or 5 shoes. Never again…

3 packs of 5, sold all and donated the mt. They are called booster packs.

Show off.

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It was because of this : CE-34788-0 Error Ps4 U can’t use more than 11 diamond shoed players in your lineup in Ps4

Still working on that :joy: 100k + 15 diamond shoes are not bad considering what folks usually get.

MJ packs? They were handing them out like candy. I should’ve stocked up

Nope error compensation. I got these last week. Unbelievable how rare diamond shoes and contracts are

I got 3 diamond shoes today in about 12 packs using MT.

Fuck you! :slight_smile:


That’s incredible

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Still no Red Kyrie’s for my Giannis. :unamused:

I pulled 2 red kyries last week so my giannis could finally get one :slight_smile:

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3 weeks not accessing myteam mode over a dumb db… error. Almost 1.5 months over this idiotic CE error. I believe i should get a free 19 copy tbh. These were useless for me when i got em and it was not easy to get. We literally played 2k19 beta this year.

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Yeah bro i easily pulled like 30 D contracts from them… MJ packs were lit af

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I would probably bid on a pair of Kyries if they were in the AH.


I definitely would. Take my MT. Feed my Giannis. He’s not even playable on my squad without them :confused:

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If you have 20+ diamond contracts you can send one to the auction house. I wonder if you have 20+ Kyries if you can do the same. Idk why they’re not auctionable