Unbelievable how rare diamond shoes and contracts are

So as my boy CWebb is in the packs, decided to go on of the last pack binges as the coins are worthless on PC, so I might aswell open packs.

In 350k I got 6 PDs (including CWebb 3xtimes), 15 diamonds (including mofo JR 6x times!) and no shoe or contract. I dont have a problem with them being more rare than diamond players, but even PDs? Just call them pink diamond shoes/ contracts then.

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Not a free copy though!

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Did you get a pack from support with these in it?

I’ve opened like $1200 or more worth of packs and I’ve pulled 2 contracts and 4 or 5 shoes. Never again…

3 packs of 5, sold all and donated the mt. They are called booster packs.

Show off.

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It was because of this : CE-34788-0 Error Ps4 U can’t use more than 11 diamond shoed players in your lineup in Ps4

Still working on that :joy: 100k + 15 diamond shoes are not bad considering what folks usually get.

MJ packs? They were handing them out like candy. I should’ve stocked up

Nope error compensation. I got these last week. Unbelievable how rare diamond shoes and contracts are

I got 3 diamond shoes today in about 12 packs using MT.

Fuck you! :slight_smile:


That’s incredible

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Still no Red Kyrie’s for my Giannis. :unamused:

I pulled 2 red kyries last week so my giannis could finally get one :slight_smile:

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3 weeks not accessing myteam mode over a dumb db… error. Almost 1.5 months over this idiotic CE error. I believe i should get a free 19 copy tbh. These were useless for me when i got em and it was not easy to get. We literally played 2k19 beta this year.

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Yeah bro i easily pulled like 30 D contracts from them… MJ packs were lit af

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I would probably bid on a pair of Kyries if they were in the AH.