(un)Official All Star Weekend Promo Speculation

I’ve had enough of the Series 2 thread. Let’s do what we do best and wildly speculate on what’s dropping next.

I’ll start (I don’t think this is gonna happen but here’s what I want):

Spotlight Kobe

PD Lamar Odom


Not Odom, already crazy enough as is at diamond.

he’s this year’s Hedo/AK47 type card. They know we love him and he’ll move packs easily this year.

ODOM or bust

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Why not both?



I think the people in here shooting for the stars are going to be severely disappointed. Last year’s had this big build up just like this and all we got was shitty moments cards with a flawed (but decent) Durant.

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yea I think the actual all start themed content won’t be great. but last year they dropped anni kobe that same weekend.

Spotlight Rodman

PD Jordan
PD 98 Drexler
Reward PD McHale or Parish


If it’s a spotlight I’m I would bet money it would be Vince Carter.

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Nah Odom and coke

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I think Vince spotlight might come at the end of the year. But I could see them doing a Vince spotlight at any point, and the reward would be PD Antawn Jamison

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Kobe spotlight filled with just his teammates and PD Lebron for finishing it.

PD Jordan
PD coaches

Could get a All-Star PD MJ as a Reward if they dropped a Kobe Spotlight Challenge this weekend, just my opinion. Be a perfect time to do so. Commemorate Kobe as well as his first ever All Star Game and match up with MJ. Bryant had team high 18 points in his first All Star game and MJ was the MVP.

I seriously dont want any Kobe card for the rest of the year.

They will probably do moments

This is such a 2k thing to do, but I would love a RE Jordan with higher strength to bully other guards

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