UMM... I feel bad. (PD Jordan)

My buddy went to NYC event and wrote his gamertag on Thursday and mine (for free) on Saturday. Yesterday I received PD Jordan in my queue and today he received… PD Harden?!? WTF brooo. If anyone else waiting for something in their queue please lmk what you get! @Nay @DaNali

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feels bad man


And here’s the stress that comes back

But he can go talk to support I think

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So saturday was a guaranteed PD MJ? Well then. If I get Harden I’m opening a ticket lmao + I haven’t received shit yet

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Don’t feel bad, dude got a free PD card worth a few hundred K, haha



I prefer getting diamond Jordan than him

Sounds like they’re done handing out Saturday’s giveaways and are onto Thursday.

Uhm excuse me? Where is mine?

Patience my friend, patience.

What makes you think that?

Well shit

Based on what the OP said. It sounds as if the gamertags given on Saturday were done yesterday, and the gamertags given Thursday are being done right about now. Doesn’t appear they’ve done any emails yet.

I want to go for a ticket so bad right now

Patience, grasshopper.

Yeah I’m telling him to

I’m a raccoon dude :sunglasses::joy:

Let’s solve this ourselves. Saturday was the day he advertised pink :gem: MJ’s, correct? Thursday he just said “I’m giving away pink diamonds.”

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