Ultra-Cheap Recs for a Broke MF'er?

Confession: this is my trash team. I had like 20K MT from the start of the game and have just been buying cards I can get for the Quick Sell value, with some maybe paying 50-200 MT over. A few a bit more than that, but nothing over 2000 MT.

Started doing Challenges that reward packs to see if I get lucky. (Narrator: “He doesn’t.”)

Any suggestions on any cards that are fun that can be picked up for 2000 MT or less? Bonus if they can be had for no more than 200 MT over Quick Sell value.

I’m on PC, and don’t know how AH market differs, but hopefully what’s super-cheap on console is super-cheap on PC. Don’t think I can even get matches online on PC but really am only noodling around casually with PvCPU content.

Left the house with 0 MT in my account, having broken the bank and splashed out massively on 1100 MT bids on DI Walton and DI Vlade.

If you just go through moments challenges, you get a lot of good cards for free.


I’m gonna be honest: your team is approaching the dangerous limits of mid.

Anyway, this is 2k; think inside the box. Tacko Fall at center. OOP Arvydis at point. Computer loses


The moment challenges have very reasonable good cards for now. Getting DM Ja is not that bad with a few decent cards. The Ralph challenge has given me more headaches, but I really have liked a number of the cards. TT offline has a few very good cards available until Monday. I know it is RNG, but wins are easy and you will likely win 1-2 of them that will help your team.
Otherwise A Mobley is crazy good still. D Power within Lance is one of the best players and I think really cheap. PD Tyler you might get lucky to get on a 2000 bid as there seems to be a lot in the AH (we got him for 3000 just after he came out).

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So I bought the game approximately 2 and half weeks ago this is my squad. I rarely play full games so I use a 5 for Cluth and these guys do pretty well as I’m in the 3rd or 4th tier. I did pack Duncan when I first got the game but the 36k MT I got from him has been sitting. So this has been with minimal investment oh and I packed Hansbrough, and am evolving Thurl myself. Anything particular I’d be glad to help.


Impressive. You should have fairly good cards from the 2 challenges as well to get Ralph and Ja. Halibuton should be a very good back up. Is Manning any good?

I just started 22 on Saturday. Working my way through Domination, now I may try my luck at TT this weekend.

Simple unrelated question, just didn’t feel like it needed another thread. Is Season 6 confirmed to be the last one of the 2k22 cycle? I just started playing again the last couple of days too.

He’s okay, surprisingly good dribble package for his size and his shot is fairly easy to green. Defensively manning is a liability and doesn’t really do the best on the boards. Vucevic is good and surprisingly Kispert was usable online albeit when my team was less developed. Oh if you can learn to shoot with Walton his playmaking abilities are A1.

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Not sure. In a few days the season blog should drop and answer most questions with some players being the only mystery left.


:smile: :laughing: :rofl: Doing a terrible job of making it interesting, since I was focused on getting cards for Quick Sell value. Do actually want to find out which cards are good bargains in terms of performance, but also just in terms of fun play.

Especially would like to know if there are any good bargain cards that are good in the post. Not just Ratings and Badges, but with the good post move animations.

Done and done. Picked up Rubies Tacko and Sabas.

I’ve never had an out of position Sabonis that can run at PG (or SG). I’m actually kind of curious to try and see how he works out initiating offense in Freelances that need to have their actions triggered by perimeter players.

The Moments Challenges are not perpetual and pop up, but disappear after a while, right?

Right now, I don’t have any to play.

Ah! Psycho T! Yeah, on PC AH he’s selling for below 4000 MT BIN. Possible I can nab him for just below 3000.

Will look for DI Lance, but when I looked last night, zero up.

Some more new players last night.

  • PD KAT was from lucky result of the Weekly Log-In Wheel Spin. But I guess he’s PD because of Dynamic Ratings and isn’t actually a good PD. DI Vlade’s a better comp.
  • PD AD is from the ESPN locker codes, I guess. Also another not-good PD, I guess because from an early set. PD Yi looks better overall except maybe PD AD can work smaller stretch 4’s with Post Spins.
  • DI GP I was able to get for just under 2000 I think.
  • AM Bonga I swapped to get the rated one for differential of about 800 MT, which almost definitely doesn’t pay off but whatever.
  • DI Poole just cuz Dubs 4Ever.
  • AM Arizin for same reason. Plus I have a weak spot for early era players that 2K retcons into being high-flying dunk machines.
  • Got DI Divac and DI Walton just to have good playmakers at 5 to run Princeton Chin. Will end up dumping one or both. Probably DI Ewing too, but I have a soft spot for him.

Now at the point where I can field 13 DI and have a handful of good AM cards too. So should dump 5-10 and see about trying to get some good PD’s for cheap.

for some funny reason, the Moments challenges are not under Challenges, they are under Lifetime Agendas (which adds to the confusion, since they are only there for a month).

I am not in front of my screen now but I am pretty sure the DM Ja Morant challenge expires on April 12, so you have plenty of time to do it should you want to!

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mmmh, I’d be surprised if it were the last season, there were 9 seasons last year I think

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Oh shit! Thanks! I’ll take a look at them tonight.

Navigating around MyTeam has actually gotten legit complicated. And one thing that’s annoying is that, even on a really good PC, getting around the menus is slow.

I’m regularly being given shit and I don’t even know why. Figured out that I was getting Current Team Logos when I got a Base Set (I think) player card from the franchise. But I get other Reward cards from time to time and don’t know why. I guess maybe from unknowingly completing some Agenda.

I would think they would keep it going at least through the end of the Playoffs.

Yeah, I think Moments challenges will go at least until 8th of April, when we get March challenges. :slight_smile: try to grt some, they are usually quite ok to do

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Shoot, I don’t think I can do the Ja Morant Moments of the Month group of Challenges because I didn’t get the February MotM cards.

Are the All-Star Evolution Moments Challenges worth doing? Seems that there’s a lot of chaining of EVO’ing the EVO cards that one can get with simple stat goals. I didn’t know that it was from this but happened to get Ruby Barry and Ruby Nate Robinson from these, I guess.

you can still get Ja (until April 12), that’s out it works:

  • you need to complete certain tasks to get the 5 Ruby February moments (they are listed under Moments of the Month in the Lifetime agendas, and they are pretty simple: win a TT offline game, play a multiplayer game, win a challenge game, score 30 with a player in agame, make 5 dunks in a game);

  • each of those Ruby gets you an Ame by completing tasks with that Ruby, each Ame gets you a D, each D gets you a PD;

  • complete a task with each PD and you get certain items, including a HOF badge, D shoe, D boost, D contract and another one I do not remember;

  • complete all tasks for the 5 PDs and you get Ja.

For a list of all tasks, go to https://2kdb.net/agendas and check under “February Moments of the Month”.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, really appreciate the breakdown. Finally get it.

Pretty much guaranteed I can’t finish for Ja, because I don’t think I can get the online matches necessary to get the a few of the Multiplayer stat challenges. And if I could, I don’t think I have time.

But now I understand that these are accessible without buying any cards and so I’ll look out for what comes up next season.

And some of these cards are cool. So far, like RU Cedi, AM Roby, and of course psyched to have a Diamond Gary Payton II.

I owe you. Not a big deal but still, got the DI Kobe after the first TTOff game I played after reading this.