Ultimate Offball Fail

Just got off balled by the ultimate TTO team and whooped him

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…want a cookie?


He probably got equalized

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Motherfuck an offballer. Good job OP. Easy wins when I come up against one but they’re the only people I’ll trash talk. Play the damn game!


You have to off all swith in TTO unless you like giving up wide open 3s. CPU help defense is a joke.


To me, there’s a difference in making sure that your players don’t help, then shifting back to onball. That’s strategy. Then there are the people that actively run away from playing defense by shifting away from the person that has the ball. That’s cowardice and it is disgusting that the developers have made this a viable strategy.


The all 99 cards are good, but not the best cards In the game, personally i my win percentage is better with cards I’m good with other than my all 99 lebron

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Lol who cares whether people off ball or not its July and were still complaining about how people play the game. imagine


Im not too crazy about Lebron, dont really think he has great animations

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Offball players are my favorite in tto. Easy dubs because the screen defense is broken in that mode. The good on ball clampers are the toughest to beat in tto imo

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KD, Giannis, & Shaq Opals are probably the best TTO lineup imo.

Same feeling with LeBron…

I mean he his not bad at all but his dribble are not to best to play him at point. And his shoot is too slow to play him at the 3

I’m pretty sure he can off ball me wit that team and my team of Shaq/KAJ/Sabonis would still just post him to death lol

Correct, I would win way more games with worthy as my 1 in tto than I would as if limited bron or Jordan at the 1

That’s literally my TTO squad and i agree, it’s a killer.

Jimmy, Durant, Kareem is pretty nasty!


equaliser relax

I got offballed by a guy running Shaq / Kareem / Yao

gave em the quick L

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Lebrons trash. Some ppl are good with him but not many.