Ultimate All-Time Tournament [PS4 & Xb1]

I have been trying to start a tournament and I feel like with the game finally being over (Last Content comes out Friday) we can finally do this. I know that there already is an All-Time Tourney going on but this one will be different.


  • 6 Opals Max
  • Have a Player 6’6 or under on court at all times and a card listed as primary/secondary at PG
  • Can be any player that has suited up for the team (No Melo on Hawks) or signed to play next year.

There will also be hardset players (that are overlooked) that each team will have to use (give minutes to) if you choose them including:

(At least 15 minutes)
76ers - Allen Iverson (Start at PG/SG)
Bucks - Ray Allen
Bulls - Dennis Rodman
Cavs - Mark Price
Celtics - Rondo
Clippers - Chris Paul
Grizzlies - Conley
Hawks - Trae Young
Heat - Tim Hardaway
Hornets - Kemba
Jazz - Stockton (Start)
Kings - N/A
Knicks - Ewing
Lakers - West (Start at PG/SG)
Magic - Markelle Fultz (Start PG/SG) - No starting Penny and T-Mac, Pick one or other.
Mavs - Terry
Nets - Kidd
Nuggets - Jamal Murray
Pacers - Hibbert
Pelicans - Chris Paul
Pistons - Ben Wallace
Raptors - Lowry
Rockets - Steve Francis
Spurs - Tony Parker
Suns - Steve Nash (Start at PG)
Thunder - Gary Payton
T-Wolves - Cassell
Trail Blazers - Bill Walton
Warriors - Thurmond
Wizards - Chenier

Celtics - @Billyincognito
Lakers - @MosesTyreke
Rockets - @Morpheus
Warriors - @JayUnderRated

76ers - star5CR34M
Cavs - Carlo221
Knicks - jc9288
Lakers - OGxSuave
Magic - KNGSHxT
Trail Blazers - @nba2kpdx
Wizards - @jdealla

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Ton of point guards on that list lol says alot

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I’d do this on XB1: Wizards

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xb1? I’ll take Blazers

Xb1 Sixers, if Friday is a big duos update (presumably) I’ll pick my lineup at that point.

If this happens for Xbox, I’d be happy to run my Knicks all time squad.

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I like where you’re heading with this, but be strict, make position locks. I’m tired of seeing tournaments taken over by SG’s at PG, oversized SF’s at SG, and unrealistically athletic and solid playmaking PF’s at SF.



I’m running a summer league soon, that’ll have position locks unless said player played a substantial amount of minutes at their secondary and it doesn’t skew competitiveness.

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Actually I’ll set up both Xb and Ps4. You guys cool with buy-in?

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Ah ok well someone should take the Wiz on PS4. You get a good starting lineup

I made it both

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Are limited cards allowed?

Lemme get a placeholder on HOUSTON for PS4.

Position locks make all time teams less fair though. It just ends up favoring teams that had tall PGs play for them.

I think the height restriction of needing 1 6’6" player on the court at all times accomplishes the desired goal.

Or just do height restrictions by position. But pure position lock only shifts the goalposts, it doesn’t fix anything.

Why are y’all so afraid of Magic and Penny? Switch on defense, use a HOF pick pocket PG, I don’t think the tournament is an automatic W for whoever has these guys. They’re not invincible in PWF Pro difficulty

I have Penny, so I’m not afraid.

But I also realize any teams with Magic and Penny get an unfair advantage with pure position locks.

Edit: Or Ben

Because running kyle lowry vs penny / magic is suicide…


Chenier has to have minutes

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What limited card is on the Rockets?