Ujiri altercation with Oracle security guard after Raptors win The Finals in game 6

This shit is fucked up!!

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Damn that’s crazy

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Lol, and this man was claiming he was “disabled” by Masai in the incident and caused physical and mental harm.

Clown is about to get sued into oblivion.


Dude won’t ever find any work after this, so I guess Ujiri did “disable” him in away. Lmao


It says “security worker” in the ESPN Tweet. :man_shrugging:

"But in February, Strickland filed a federal lawsuit against Ujiri, the Raptors, Maple Leaf Entertainment at the NBA alleging Ujiri shoved him so hard on the court that he suffered physical injuries to his head, jaw, chin and teeth. Strickland also filed a workers’ compensation claim alleging Ujiri “circumvented” the security checkpoint and then tried to “storm” the court and “hit him in the face and chest with both fists.” Strickland also claimed Ujiri had a “violent predisposition” and acted with an “evil motive amounting to malice,” according to his suit and workers’ compensation claims.

As for whether Strickland will ever return to work is unclear. According to Transparent California, Strickland earned $224,000 a year, not including benefits, in 2018. According to his suit, Strickland has been “prevented from attending to his usual occupation” and believes that will be the case “for a period of time in the future.” Strickland alleged he suffered such a “shock of injury to his nervous system” that he believes “will result in some permanent disability.” In addition to the physical suffering, Strickland also said his “emotional well-being” also took a blow. In February, KTVU cameras saw him out for lunch with his wife, carrying boxes and using a power saw in the spring outside his home… In March, KTVU broke an exclusive story revealing that in 1994, Strickland was arrested and later convicted of insurance fraud , raising questions about his integrity, legal experts said. The fraud charge was discovered when Strickland was applying to be a San Mateo police officer in 2005 - a job he did not get."


This dude is the textbook example of why we need police reform.

Engage with someone under false pretenses, lie about it, claim injury/disability and then sit and cash checks.



The guy next to him is the security guard.

The guy who pushed him Strickland, is a bum ass cop.


“That as a substantial result of the harm caused by Defendants MASAI UJIRI, TORONTO RAPTORS, MAPLE LEAF SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT, DOES 1 through 100, inclusive, and each of them, Plaintiff KELLY STRICKLAND is informed and believes, and hereon alleges, that the injuries to her spouse are of a permanent nature, and that she will be deprived of love, companionship, comfort, care, services, assistance, protection, affection, society, and moral support , all to her further damage, and in excess of the minimum jurisdictional limits of this Court, and that she is entitled to prejudgment interest on that amount in accordance with law.”

The pigs wife sued also, saying her husband couldnt perform husband duties. Just a piece of human garbage.



Someday police will have body cam technology that doesn’t turn off when the wearer is moved abruptly.

I got reliable camera I attach to my mountain bike when I crash down rocky trails in the Himalayas. It’s really curious.

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Bumping for awareness because fuck these pigs. The department is backing their officer.

Some of the worst people on earth.

How on earth does an officer make $224k per year?! That is absolutely obscene. Taxpayers paying that much for a public servant is INSANE.


Lots of overtime.

That’s insane

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That cop in Minnesota that kneeled on George Floyd has a second home in Florida.

I think they get extra work similar to the Warriors cop doing security and make a lot beyond their salary.

This is a textbook example of a cop acting like an aggressive dbag and using the trust and faith in his public title/position to lie about what happened.

Imagine how many times cops have gotten away with lying about what happened in a situation haha.

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I guess part of the reason the opposition to police is happening is because of video technology that has developed over the last 10-15 years allowing most encounters to be recorded.

This is what cops do when they KNOW they’re being recorded.

Imagine what they got into when they didn’t.

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That just should not happen. You could hire two more officers for that sort of money. It reminds me of the Sheriff’s office in Philly - There were employees with 40-60k salaries “working so much overtime” that they made 125-150k, supposedly like 12 hour days 7 days a week for 10 months at a time. No wonder they got raided by the FBI. These people are flat-out stealing from taxpayers. You wonder why police budgets are so bloated and why school districts have no money, this us why.


Meanwhile teachers are getting paid not even half of that


I agree…it’s just their way of working the system.

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In the Bay Area the public positions have higher salaries to account for the cost of living. You can’t hire public servants in a place like the Bay Area and pay them 50-60 K like they do in most parts of the country and expect them to pay 3 K - 4 K a month for housing.

You can’t take this cops income and compare it to a school teacher in Ohio.