Ugh work event

But here are pics of the new Ford ranger


I can’t imagine having to parallel park that beast

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I like those grilles. Like on the raptors.


That is a raptor lol


Are these on packs? lol :joy:

Wheres the GT?

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No gt tonight sir, but there is a mustang here almost the same color as a John Deere lol

But I hate talking to people ready to head home been a long day


I just got a promotion and Ive been talking to random ppl everyday and I have no idea what to say half the time lol

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This the Ranger Raptor?

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No sorry first was the new upcoming ranger

The second is a brand new raptor

What’s the point of the Raptor? Is that monster engine actually better for towing/low-end torque, or is it about acceleration and top speed and going fast? Or kind of to cover both?

No monster engine @HarryLundt

It’s an 3.5 6cyl Ecoboost now lol

The older v8 was fun…I don’t know about this one, I might take it for a cough cough nice test drive cough if I have time tomorrow to see what I think of the new engine in it

Haha. That’s interesting. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t keep up with the auto industry, but the idea of a full-sized pickup with a twin-turbocharged engine strikes me as odd.

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The sound they emit when full throttle is not what I would want from a 71 thousand dollar truck!!! Hahahaha

Now the Ford GT with a similar engine is a whole different orgasm!

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